I really wanted to make a few drawing on the CNC router (Shopbot Buddy). I did a few experiments using different techniques and mediums.

I started using simply pen and paper, then refined that technique using a pen with a spring attached, later tried over canvas and finally using different markers. It was a fun and quick project and the best of all you then can hang your art in your home or office.

Here is a preview of my experiments:

Step 1: Vectorizing Your Work

Selecting your artwork: I wanted to make a small set of drawings so I selected a really nice set of line drawings of motorcycles. You can check them out over here: Photos: Some Classic Motorcycle Line Art Drawings

I used LiveTrace from Illustrator to vectorize the image but if you have a vector drawing already, much better.

Canvas: I found these canvas panels: Art Alternatives Canvas Panel - PACK OF 12 that were really economic and good for my paintings. They are really easy to stick to the worktable of the CNC Router. I taped the for edges and stayed really firm.

<p>Fantastic... I used to draw everything by hand lol</p><p>very interested. :)</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>So rad! I never saw all the little ones!</p>
<p>Thanks! They are hanged in my home now! I think I made them on my last week over there so there was no time to show them at the Pier!</p>

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