Picture of CNC Art

I really wanted to make a few drawing on the CNC router (Shopbot Buddy). I did a few experiments using different techniques and mediums.

I started using simply pen and paper, then refined that technique using a pen with a spring attached, later tried over canvas and finally using different markers. It was a fun and quick project and the best of all you then can hang your art in your home or office.

Here is a preview of my experiments:

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Step 1: Vectorizing your work

Picture of Vectorizing your work

Selecting your artwork: I wanted to make a small set of drawings so I selected a really nice set of line drawings of motorcycles. You can check them out over here: Photos: Some Classic Motorcycle Line Art Drawings

I used LiveTrace from Illustrator to vectorize the image but if you have a vector drawing already, much better.

Canvas: I found these canvas panels: Art Alternatives Canvas Panel - PACK OF 12 that were really economic and good for my paintings. They are really easy to stick to the worktable of the CNC Router. I taped the for edges and stayed really firm.

Step 2: Making the toolpaths

Picture of Making the toolpaths

Open Partworks to create the toolpath for your drawing:

Create a New File.
In Job Setup: We will create a file with the size of our material: 8" x 10" (we are going to use these Art Alternatives Canvas Panel - PACK OF 12 ).

Import Vectors files and your vectors will appear on your sheet. Sometimes your vectors might be outside the sheet so will need to zoom out. Another thing you need to do is actually joining open vectors, under the section Edit Vectors. Control+A will select all of the vectors and then hit the Join button. Hit the Join button again. If you need to correct or move some objects around the sheet now is the time to do it. You might want to do this to optimize material. Control + A (select all), click on the right tab: Toolpaths (pin it so you have it open for the rest of your session).

So rad! I never saw all the little ones!

alepalan (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago

Thanks! They are hanged in my home now! I think I made them on my last week over there so there was no time to show them at the Pier!