Picture of CNC Embroidery: QR Code
You can use a QR code to open a link using a smartphone. Why not direct people to a link with an embroidered QR code? You can wear it, put it on a bag or purse, hang it up in an embroidery hoop... The possibilities are endless. And it's really easy on a CNC sewing machine.

This tutorial is for the Singer Futura 250, though there are a lot of ways to get a working QR code onto fabric (including cross-stitch!).
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Step 1: Generate your QR code

Picture of Generate your QR code
There are plenty of free QR code generators online. I used http://qrcode.kaywa.com/.
Make your QR image really big- the bigger the file, the better the definition you will get.
Tip: You can make it bigger in paint- just go to Image > Stretch and make it 1000% as big!

Step 2: Import in to Futura

Picture of Import in to Futura
Use AutoPunch on your Futura software and import your file. Tell it you want two colors (black & white).

Step 3: Prepare Fabric

Picture of Prepare Fabric
Stretch the fabric very tightly in the hoop-make sure it's completely secure and won't be deformed by the stitches. Clean edges on your pixels are really important to making sure the QR code is readable.

Step 4: Transmit to Futura

Picture of Transmit to Futura
Let the machine do the stitching!

Step 5: Detach & Enjoy!

Picture of Detach & Enjoy!
Clip threads very carefully.
finnland2 years ago
What is the maximun barcode size that I can generate? By the way, why not generate the QR code image in different color combinations? It looks more cool?
argitek3 years ago
I didn't even know CNC sewing machines existed! This is so nice!
yamayka3 years ago
Hey SelkeyMoonbeam, I think it's a great idea! thanks.