A bench made from a large cable spool.

Our cable spool duck house (https://www.instructables.com/id/Cable-Spool-Duck-House/) was so much fun that I decided to keep going and build another "tier," which would serve as storage for duck-related items, as well as a bench where one might sit and read aloud to ducks, were one so inclined.

Step 1: Materials

See my Cable Spool Duck House 'ible for materials and tools.

Two of these half-round bench/cabinets can be made with one four-foot cable spool (if you throw in a few additional pieces of wood). Some hinges and a latch and/or handle are required if one expects the door to behave in a door-like fashion.

Galvanized wood screws holed it all together.
<p>YEAAAaHHHHH. i made it. thank you very much for this inspiration! is also made a door, but i think i'll keep it like that, because otherwise the lp's won't fit. thanks again. for me, you are a definitely a spool elf. or master of spool elfs. or god of master of spool elfs. or i don't know, i'm a little bit tired now, it took me a long time...</p>
So cool! Your pumpkin carving was featured in my email, and it led to this--incredibly artistic in so many ways. Thanks, Mike. :) ~Allison T
awsome, nice work and perfect presentation.....i will try it for sure!!! <br> <br>thanks
Great idea and I love your humour. Warped like mine.
Great job! I use one of the 48&quot; spools as a &quot;lazy Susan&quot; for bench-top power tools. With limited space you can stand in one place and with a twist you have access to a bench top drill, a belt/circular sander, a miter saw, and a bench-top band saw. <br>Your commentary is wonderful. You should write Technical Bullitins
Power tool lazy Susan?! Genius!! <br>(and thanks)
Now why didn't I think of doing that with my cable spool furniture?
Very nice looking project! It gives me ideas on how to dress up my PVC rain barrel. The easiest way I've found to dispense with the hub bushing is to place a mechanic's socket of equal size to the bushing and, using a wooden or rubber mallet, drive it through. It can be easily recovered once you cut and remove the top. If such a socket is not available, you can substitute a wooden dowel or board of equal dimensions and use a metal mallet in lieu of the wooden / rubber one. Thanks for sharing the awesome project!
Thanks for the tip, Hoopajoo! I've added your words of wisdom to step #2 for posterity.
Nicely done!I've been looking for similar projects and yours is one of the best!
I like the usage of the severely cupped boards. :) The paint job looks perfect! Did you take the bottom off before you painted it?
Thanks, but any perceived perfection is an illusion; up close it's far from perfect: the rounded side is mostly out of sight, and the flat edge is more closely scrutinized by ducks than humans... so I didn't mask or anything. Pre-assembly painting would be much cleaner!
What a great idea.
great result of a good work
Great use of recycled goods. Awesome project.

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