Picture of CandyCane Plasticine  Pig
Do you guys like to make models? Well here is a really cool model that you can make! All you need is some plasticine and lots of enthusiasm.
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Step 1: Materials

You need:
A chunk of red plasticine
A chunk of white plasticine
A chunk of pink plasticine
A little peice of black plasticine
Some glue

The amount of each material depends
on big you want your pig to be.

Step 2: The Body

Picture of The Body
The big needs a body now.
To make the body you must take some red plasticine
and some white plasticine. Semi-mix them together
so they have a swirly sort of candycane look. Roll the
mixture into a thick oval.
The body should look like this picture.

Step 3: The Head

Picture of The Head
The body needs a head now.
To make the head,roll some pink plasticine
into a ball.
Here is what the head will look like.

Step 4: Attaching the Head and the Body

Picture of Attaching the Head and the Body
This step is a very important step.
You will use this step whenever the
instructions say "attach the _______and the_______."

Choose one side of the body to be the
front of the pig. The add some glue
onto the front of the pig. Place the head
onto the front of the pig.
The body and head should look like this.

For other steps choose places to put the objects on and follow the rest of the steps.

Step 5: Feet

Picture of Feet
The pig now needs some feet.
To make feet you need some red
plasticine. Roll the plasticine into
4 little spheres. Shape them into
small cylinders.

Attach the small cylinders to
the bottom of the of the pig's body.

Step 6: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
The pig needs some eyes to see now.
Get a little piece of white plasticine
and split it into two parts. Caution the piece of plasticine should be very small.
Roll each part into a small oval. Get a tiny bit of black plasticine
and put them onto the long part of the white ovals. There you ahve your eyes.

Attach the eyes to the top part of the face of the pig.