Hello, here´s how the Captain America´s shield and Helmet were made for this halloween,
I thing the pictures describes very good how it was done.
I used Fiberglass fot both.
Any question just ask.

I made the costume too, but I will upload in other instructable how I did it.

What did you use for the helmet? I have seen people use paper mache, then dry wall, but that doesn't look like what you did.
Hi all !!! <br>To see more pictures, or check out this year project Like my page please =) <br>(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sekkei-Dsgns-Page/401653826610031) <br>I&acute;ll be uploading in this site the instructables when it is DONE. <br>THNKS ALL!
hi! it looks like you used a template file to make your shield, if so could you post where we could find it? <br> <br>the shield looks amazing by the way, as does the rest of suit!
This is awesome! You should put a picture of the finished helmet and shield in the intro step so people can see what you made right away :D
Where did your shield template come from? Looks pretty specific.
That's a cracking job, but you ought to use a photo of the finished item as your introduction image.

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