Captain America Shield and Helmet


Introduction: Captain America Shield and Helmet

Hello, here´s how the Captain America´s shield and Helmet were made for this halloween,
I thing the pictures describes very good how it was done.
I used Fiberglass fot both.
Any question just ask.

I made the costume too, but I will upload in other instructable how I did it.




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    What did you use for the helmet? I have seen people use paper mache, then dry wall, but that doesn't look like what you did.

    Hi all !!!
    To see more pictures, or check out this year project Like my page please =)
    I´ll be uploading in this site the instructables when it is DONE.

    hi! it looks like you used a template file to make your shield, if so could you post where we could find it?

    the shield looks amazing by the way, as does the rest of suit!

    This is awesome! You should put a picture of the finished helmet and shield in the intro step so people can see what you made right away :D

    Where did your shield template come from? Looks pretty specific.

    That's a cracking job, but you ought to use a photo of the finished item as your introduction image.