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Introduction: Car Part Chess Set

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This is the chess set i made for my senior project it started out as a bunch of old car parts that had no purpose and was destined to be scraped. So i decided to give them a second chance at life and turned them into a usable furniture decor peace. The whole project is rather bolted or welded together then painted and clear coated to protect it from rust. I made the seats out of plywood and burned a pattern into it with a torch to get a older looking design that matches the rest. It didn't cost much to make this project because almost everything was recycled from other objects. The funniest part is trying to guess what parts they are.



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    Nice! :{)

    Nice! :{)

    LOL! great Instructable! anyway I was just kidding.

    now that is pretty cool! awesome idea and well done!

    I really like the chess set. Very creative. I would personally consider upgrading the camshaft stools - especially if you are looking to sell them. They are not really load bearing and I've seen them snap in an engine. Perhaps a setup like this:

    Dude thats cool as hell!! I'm an automotive technician and really love how this came out!!! What year/make/model did those hubbed brake drums come from?

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    .....battery terminal connector, cam shaft (intake and exhaust) pulley / gears, valve springs, pistons, spark plugs, tow hook....?

    Did I get most of it? : p

    Its burned with a butane torch like what u us to solder copper. the reson i did that to the wood was becouse everything was metal and would didnt realy match so i made it look older and kinda like lether

    Cool chess set

    i do have some metal art work for sale i just cant deside on how to price them lol