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I was recently act my local hobby shop and I picked up a bunch of 3D wood puzzles for my son to put together. They are really cool, but they are a little small.So I decided to take the design, blow them up 500% and make them out of cardboard. Now instead of just being a simple decoration on the shelf, it is big enough to decorate a whole corn of the ceiling and it is still light enough to hang.

In this project, I am going to share with you how to make large dinosaur skeleton puzzles out of cardboard boxes. 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The primary material that you need for this project is corrugated cardboard. For making a large puzzle, I highly recommend using double layered cardboard. If you don't have easy access to two-ply cardboard, don't worry. You can easily make your own by gluing two pieces of regular cardboard together. Spray glue works well for this. 

rick.jochem7 months ago

This was an awesome project. I made it with Corflute (real estate signs) with a 6 ft wingspan.

I spent some time drawing the outlines and have then as JPeg Files if anyone would like them. email <bigtaniwha@hotmail.com>

Oh.. and I added a Tail !


Love it! The isn't strictly hoyle, but it's uber-cool. Thanks for identifying your building materials - that's a critical factor. Can I get a copy of the plans, too? GlueGunRaR@gmail.com

hi, can you send this file to my mail please???



Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

KimD3 made it!3 months ago

First a little one out of chipboard, then a bigger one on a laser cutter out of 1/4-inch wood. Wingspans about 8 inches and 5-1/2 feet.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)  KimD33 months ago

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

sarahsrikumar9 months ago

Dear DIY Hacks and How Tos,

I would like to do for my son on his birthday T Rex and other itmes. Is it possible to give us in PDF format. Thanks


The T-Rex designs were referenced from these instructables:


Sorry, but I don't have a pdf creator on this computer. You can find free pdf creators online that can convert the jpeg files into pdf's.

cassie.friesen.5 made it!11 months ago

Made this for my daughter's fourth birthday party, which was Paleontologist themed. She really wanted to build a life size fossil. I didn't have any of the proper tools and labored on this with an Exacto knife for far more hours than I care to admit. The wingspan is easily over 6 ft long. She loved it!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

paulsroom12 months ago

I used 400gsm cardstock and made two of each image, cutting them out with a Silhouette Cameo, then sticking them together to make a 800gsm cardstock. This is about the limit of thin one can go with cardstock, but it does work. I made one adjustment - I moved the slot for the back legs to the top instead of where it is. Then I moved the middle slot in the back legs correspondingly. This means that this piece then holds by gravity like the ribs. I used A3 cardstock basing the whole structure on the largest the wing claw would fit - it's still quite large.

That is really cool!
Is it possible to get the file in vector format?

I converted the files to vector format and have them in dxf, svg, or Silhouette Cameo files.

Sorry, I just scanned the puzzles. But you can easily enlarge the pictures or trace them in an editing program.
Scamerman Run made it!1 year ago

It is cool :D

Congrats on the award. Well deserved.
quirxi1 year ago
Cooool ! Thank You !!! :)
Woodit2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, I will try it!
javl2 years ago
Nice model. Here is a related project I did with Jiskar:
kaptaink_cg2 years ago
Very cool!!
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thanks alot!
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Awesome this is great!