I made a complete Halo 3 Master Chief Halloween costume for my Son out of cardboard and fiberglass. I started with the helmet. Here are the steps I followed. A small action figure and images found on the internet were used as patterns. The proportions and details may not meet the scrutiny of many 'super fans' but I'm sure my ten year old will like it just fine.

He has two Spartan weapons, a Sniper Rifle and an M6G Magnum

I have only detailed the build of the helmet here.

October 27th 2009 - I have just added pictures of the new helmet, chest plate, should shields and shotgun I built to modify the Master Chief costume from last year into a Halo Scout for this year.

Step 1:

I used thinner corrugated cardboard for the helmet. A bucket was made which was used as a base to build from. I measured from the top of my Son's head to the base of his skull where it meets the neck. I cut a 7" tall piece of cardboard and wrapped it around his head to get the right size and taped it to make an oval tube.

The first photo shows how I traced the outline on another piece and then drew about a 1" larger outline. I made sure both halves of the oval lid were symmetrical. I 'tabbed' the oval as seen in the second photo to fit inside the tube.

The last photo shows the flat piece hot glued to make the 'bucket'. Center lines drawn for reference.
<p>How long did this take?</p>
I think it was about 120 or more hours when all was said and done. I think it would take less now that I know what I'm doing :)
<p>hey so this might be a weird thing too ask but.....comic con is coming up and i mest up my cosplay for a Spartan and now it's ruined....so I have too ask....can I take the suit of your hands....I really need it</p>
<p>I'm sorry about your bad luck with your spartan suit. I would doubt this would fit anyone but my son when he was nine years old, plus he wants to keep it forever.</p>
<p>You could also use two sheets of clear folder divider, either yellow or orange or yellow and orange.</p>
<p>can you also show us how to make the chest ?</p><p>please?</p>
<p>can't wait until comic con</p><p>thanks for the costume</p>
<p>can't wait until comic con</p><p>thanks for the costume</p>
<p>why did u cut off the old chin ? </p>
It was too short and my son's 'real' chin stuck out. Since this was 'build-on-the-fly' we had to make adjustments along the way.
<p>the link to your full build is missing. the link wont work.</p>
Hey, could you substitute the fiber glass with paper miche?
Sure, but it won't be as sturdy so you would have to be careful.
How much would you sell that costume?my gmail is chanceclarkekuzman@gmail.com
This is too near and dear to my son for me to sell. Plus it was custom made and would probably not fit anyone else correctly.
<p>Hi! I am wanting to start this project for my son, but I need to know what pattern you used on pepekura. </p>
<p>I didn't use a pattern. I referenced a couple of pictures from the internet and also the small plastic figure and just started cutting the cardboard. It was built on the fly, so to speak.</p>
Rick!!! You n&eacute;ed to email me so I can show you our master chief outfit! It's all with LEDs and your son would just love it! Uptheenergy@gmail.com
<p>nrich2 how mutch for your costume led?</p>
Are u gonna add instructions for the rest of the suit?
<p>i love halo.it makes me so happy!I have the same action figure that you used to make the suit!</p>
this has come in so handy!!! <br>it's also the armour i wanted too! :D <br>
I'm glad to hear it. How about some pictures our your armor?
right here, my WIP Carter
i've only managed to complete my weapons at the moment. <br>An MA5C Assault Rifle <br>A BR55 Battle Rifle
A company called: www.illuminautians.com<br>Has plenty of master chief outfits with LEDs all over! We love all of you so much for loving master chief. Check us out and email us with ideas, comments, and enjoy!
Dude thank you so much
I'm using a fiberglassing resin kit that cost AU.$ 30.00
What brand of bondo did you use?
Amazing Halo armor! Great work! May I ask you how much it cost to make the whole suit? I'm planning to make my own Halo 4 suit for Halloween.
It cost me about $150 USD for bondo, hot glue, paint, fiberglass, LEDs and misc. electrical supplies. The cardboard was from old boxes.
Amazing Halo armor! Great work! May I ask you how much it cost to make the whole suit? I'm planning to make my own Halo 4 suit for Halloween.
i made a helmet using this design and it looked good
I'm 09 years old how much do you want for one of those master cheif suits in black. <br>
Nice instrutable!! :) Where do u get the fiber glass?
If you take commissions at all, id love if you made me a helmet. Give me a price :)
Nice! all i want is the helmet so its a great instructable for that. this is pretty much the best cardboard armour instructable iv found cause all i have is cardboard thx a ton
me too plz
ill post the helmant when it is done
If i gave you the material would you make it for me? and if you can how much money do you want?
hay i made the helment and just wont to no how do you make the chest pice
It'd be cool to try to make N.O.V.A. 2 armor with this method. I would if I wasn't dirt poor.
hi I&rsquo;m in the process of making my own costume but having some trouble with codpiece, legs and arms. as fiberglass is relatively expensive I'm using paper mache to cover it. I've currently finished the helmet, chestplate and lower left arm piece. i'd also like to know how to make the halo scout helmet, chest plate, shotgun and should shields.
For the cod piece I just used a strip of cardboard to wrap around my son's waist. Then I added another one that went from the front, down through his crotch, and up the back. That gave me the basic sizing. The then added details. He wore a military style web belt and the cod piece had two velcro loops fastened to it, one on either side, that we tucked under the web belt and back up to attach to the other end to hold it in place. The web belt also had two loops of 1&quot; wide web strapping that had plastic pinch-slide clips. They dangled down under the cod piece sides to hold the leg armor up. <br> <br>The Chest plate was also pretty simple. I made a flat cardboard piece that was the correct shape and size, then added detail by cutting and folding cardboard to give it the 3-d shape. The shoulder shields were done the same way. <br> <br>The scout helmet was built about the same way I made master chief's helmet. The gold face shield was a piece of a plastic laundry detergent bottle that I spray painted gold. There was a slit that I cut near the top so my son could see out of. You can kind of see in the pictures. <br> <br>The shotgun was fashioned from a plastic toy m-16. I hacked it apart and used a length of 1&quot; electrical conduit for the barrel. It was all hot-glued together and then I layered cardboard details on top. <br> <br>Sorry I don't have any pictures of the scout or shotgun build. <br> <br>Good luck.
THANKS for the tips!
both of these costumes are so cool. FULLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
This is sooo sooo awesome.
That is sick costume!
u r so right
AMAZing one question do you live in the usa<br>

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