Picture of Cardboard Laptop Case
Make your own custom fit laptop case out of cardboard!!!

Step 1: Cardboard Gathering

Picture of Cardboard Gathering
Find a nice big piece of cardboard
tokymaru6 years ago
any thoughts on adding a smaller compartment for the power supply I have an old hand-me-down satellite with a bad battery but i need a new (CHEAP) case
sepme (author)  tokymaru6 years ago
hmmmm... My only thought is to make it a bit bigger (in width and depth) and add a little divider for it. You might need to make the laptop portion with extra cushioning cardboard so it doesn't bounce around...
yblusky sepme6 years ago
I made one like that and it came out awesome but for the divider, I made sure it was fixed into the case itself so that it won't move around. Anyway thanks for the great diy project!
miriam837 years ago
what an awesome idea! great instructions!
I made one myself... I made the front and back as separate pieces entirely (my boxes weren't big enough) and then glued it on the sides and bottom. Still need to find a way to close it... I'm thinking button and loop (maybe a bamboo chopstick and a piece of bike intertube?) Rather like the way it looks - its a combination of odd stickers, paint, and decoupaged magazine ads :p
i really like some of theose stickers. did you get them from somewhere, or just collected them over time?
I totally love this one, the sticker job is awesome. Too bad I used up all my ubntu stickers
usher_zaa6 years ago
pretty useful. customized things always facinate me alot. great job.
Hi this is awesome I have just bought a very old laptop for school work and need to be able to take it to school without a huge expensive case so im making one of these to fit it then im gonna make a small one and Stick it on the front for the power supply