This is my coat rack i made with a carpenter theme. For the wood i used a 1x12x6 oak board,Five claw hammers and two quick squares.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
slippers hack 001.JPG
(1) 1x12x6 piece of red oak

(2) Five  claw hammers

(3) Two quick squares

Step 2: Cutting The oak wood boards

Step 1 ~ I decided to cut the oak  rack boards 9 inches wide by 3 feet long.

Step 2 ~I used a 1/2 inch round over router bit to bevel the edges.

Step 3 ~ I measured  in 3/8 of a inch on the top board and drew a line down the edge of the board for the screws

Step 4~  I drilled seven  1/8inch   holes And installed the black specialty screws to assemble the rack.

Step 3: Claw hammer configuration

Picture of Claw hammer configuration
Step 1 ~ Find the right height and angle for the claw hammer.

Step 2 ~  Mark and cut the hammer handle.

Step 3 ~ Pre fit the hammer head  to the board and make sure its the angle and height you desire then cut the other four hammer handles.

Step 4: Assembling the hammer heads

Picture of Assembling the hammer heads
rack2 013.JPG
rack2 014.JPG
rack2 015.JPG
Step 1~ Pre drill the hammer heads with a 7/32 drill bit.

Step 2 ~ Pre drill the board with a 1/4 inch drill bit.

Step 4~  I used 1 1/2 inch long by 1/4 inch tap con screws assemble the hammer heads to the board.

Step 5: Assembling the quick squares

Picture of Assembling the quick squares
rack2 010.JPG
rack2 018.JPG
rack2 019.JPG
Step 1~ I marked and  drilled (4)  3/16 inch holes in each quick square.

Step 2~ Assemble the quick squares to the board with # 6  Screws

Step 6: Protective finish

Picture of Protective finish
rack3 001.JPG
Step 1~I like using this Minwax Polycrylic water base for the protective finish because it drys fast and doesnt have a odor.

Step 2~ Mount to a wall and enjoy your Carpenter themed coat rack.
buck22171 month ago

that is coolbeansbaby!!!

coolbeansbaby68 (author)  buck221728 days ago

thank you buck

shallu.singh.73 made it!5 months ago

I think your idea is wrong you have to make sure the hammer rests on the wood . I made this few days back :)

coolbeansbaby68 (author)  shallu.singh.735 months ago

Its not that my way is wrong . Your way looks good also. But i didnt want the hook of the hammer touching the wood. it takes away the look of the hammer.

I think your idea is wrong you have to make sure the hammer rests on the wood . I made this few days back :)

GlennPruett2 years ago
I made this for our pastor that is a carpenter also awesome project
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  GlennPruett2 years ago
thank you
cdog5572 years ago
I've made like 20of them for my family.
rojo2 years ago
Thanks I'm building one for the workshop your very creative
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  rojo2 years ago
Just remember .Its a good idea to use those concrete tap con screws they work very well
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  rojo2 years ago
ah thank you for the nice comment
I had not seen this project until I saw the finalist in the Father's day contest. This is what I call pure creative genius :). AWESOME. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you very much .
Largrin2 years ago
What a great idea. And it looks great. Brilliant!
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  Largrin2 years ago
Thank you very much
GlennPruett2 years ago
Very nice
peterman9212 years ago
might try this with used tools and some pallet wood
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  peterman9212 years ago
The hammers came from harbor freight tool store for 2.99 each the squares were 3.00 each
Nick705872 years ago
That is a really good idea. Great craftsmanship on your part too.
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  Nick705872 years ago
Thank you for the compliment
Phil B2 years ago
I like it.
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  Phil B2 years ago
Thanks phil
bob30302 years ago
This is really cool! I think any Father would be grateful to receive this as a gift. Good job.
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  bob30302 years ago
Thank you very much
ChrysN2 years ago
That is so clever, what a great gift!
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thank you very much
TrueGeek682 years ago
OK. I am inspired to produce one of these this weekend for myself. I am a father, why not treat myself! Great idea!