Step 7: The Tip of the Boat

To make the nice pokey piece at the tip, I started by shaving down a small part of a skewer and made it a wider triangular shape towards one of the ends.  Next, I used the exacto knife to cut at an angle at the tip, to make a nice groove for the end I had just made, and kept carving the groove until the triangle piece fit.  When it fit well, I glued it in with superglue.
Is there a better chisel, or does the width of the flathead seem to work better than most chisels?? <br> ALSO --- Did you paint the wood with any 'Laquer'? Not sure if I'm spelling right.....But to give it that nice oaky wood color, or did you just leave it soft and sanded??
How do you make a chisel out of a screwdriver?!? <br>
very well written and funny too!

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