Picture of Cast latex backbone and a scorpion SFX design.
This will be my final Instructable on using liquid latex for costume design. For two part mould casting I tend to use gelatin ..... but that's another 'ible.

We are going to look at casting raw latex without baking or foaming, and run through the design for a Scorpion Queen commission.

This is the working drawing for the scorpion, I just painted over a photo off the net for the basic structures. I also had a design for a costume of eerie fingers. The scorpion does not require casting, but the fingers will. I actually got to do the scorpion shoot, but got made redundant before we completed the fingers shoot, so that costume is sitting in my workshop waiting for a victim and a studio. If I get it finished I'll post a comment with a link to it.

Materials list for this instructable:

Theatrical Liquid Latex
Hot melt glue
Plaster of Paris or Dental Casting Plaster
Pipe Lagging sponge
General purpose glue
Acrylic Artists Paint and Ink
Wax Paper
Cotton Wool


Step 1: Quick veins

Picture of Quick veins
Here's an aside.

To make quick veins, lay three layers of latex down on a bit of wax or greaseproof paper. Let each one dry before you add the next.
Trail some hot melt glue over the latex, make sure the glue trails to a point.
Paint the hot melt red using acrylic paint.

Add three layers of latex over the glue .... hey presto, instant veins.

what type of body paint do you use?  I've got a body painting event soon and i'm having so much trouble finding comprehensive information about it...
i just found these:
an example:

marshon (author)  6serendipity95 years ago
It's actually water based make up specifically designed for face and body art.
Try searching for:

Snazaroo - Cheapest at around £3.00 GBP per colour
Diamond FX (or DFX make up) - Nice paint but a bit dearer
Wolfe Bros  - Good if you can find it - Expensive
Paradise - Best but REALLY expensive
Fardell Fantasy Creme - Nice pastels but hard to apply and not cheap
MAC - Body make up - The best and costs telephone numbers

Global and Tim Grattons, from Australia, both nice liquid paints. Can be airbrushed if reduced 50% by volume with distilled water.

Ben Nye and Kryolan - Movie SFX body paints. Good but you need to learn to use them.
you are my hero,  thanks.
rustygray5 years ago
That is truly amazing.

I wish you had put more of the picturs up or created a photobucket.

I bet you get real busy around Halloween with your skills.
marshon (author)  rustygray5 years ago
Have a look:


You may have to register but it's free
mckeephoto5 years ago
Wicked cool! Love the attention to detail.
leotcol5 years ago
Yeah I pretty much clicked this only to see that first pic bigger.
Cervantes5 years ago
Yup, I'd do just about anything to paint a pretty model with latex....@_@Where can I find a model? now that's another  instructable I'd like to see..

I'm thinking arduino and duct tape
marshon (author)  Cervantes5 years ago
In Houston Tx? Try Model Mayhem
 Nice but looks little scary too :)
Drewbaccaa5 years ago
Hot damn