A guide to reloading .45-70 GOVT brass. Significant danger ahead.

Step 1: Get Lead

I bought it off ebay. So heavy the mailman left it in the larger sorting bin and dragged it to my porch. Clearly not what the USPS had in mind when they said anything you can put in the box and close it is a flat rate.

<p>If you can put together the methods of a DIY mold making for the lead die, that would be very helpful. </p>
With the price of ammo in the U.S. these days this Great!
I knew everything but the casting the heads that is a cool thing
10lbs of lead can range from 15-25$ if you happen to look at the right time
wanted to add that with some spare lead, a person could make a head for a lead hammer. a very useful tool when working with metals that can't be deformed. what was the total cost for the lead BTW?