Caterpillars in Pond Scum





Introduction: Caterpillars in Pond Scum

Hot dogs never looked better. Present these to the kids and see what they say. The pond
scum is just ketchup with a drop of blue food color. The dogs should get boiled AND
microwaved (the flavor is 20x better! Try it!)

Follow the diagram, and slice the hot dogs first with the little slices down both sides. These
will end up being the "legs". Don't forget the "tail". Next, roll the hot dog onto it's side
and make one slice thru for the "mouth". Make tiny slices where "teeth" go. Boil them
until they float, then microwave each caterpillar individually for 40 seconds. Serve on a
bed of "pond scum" which is 2Tbsp ketchup and one drop of blue food color.  



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    I made "macaroni and monsters" tonight for dinner for my 2 year old daughter..... Im pretty sure it traumatized her. LOL Im glad I taped her reaction. :) Thanks for the instructable.

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    HA! That is just SO awesome! I love it!

    So having those for dinner tomory.

    This is the best halloween use of hot dogs I've seen yet - thanks!

    That looks so... wrong! Catterpillars my fanny, those look like the snakehead fish from that movie Snakehead Terror! Which also makes this dish full of awesome! lol

    I have three boys who are mostly grown up (17, 19, and 21). The 17 year old would make comments about how nasty it looked but he would eat it. The 19 year old would dig in with an almost frightening gusto and maniacal laughter. The 21 year old "throw up in his mouth a little bit" then run from the room and not come out until the breakfast cereal was on the table the next morning.

    Well done!

    And THAT ladies and gentlemen is my next bento :D

    Thank you for sharing :)

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    You're very welcome, thank you!

    Here it is as promised.

    You found teh complete story at

    Thank you again for sharing :) I loved that image.


    Yum! Thank you for sharing your bento with me!


    I've never boiled AND nuked Hot Dogs before... I try it!!!

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    Are they tastier? Or am I imagining things? I notice it emphasizes the "skin" , and seems to impart a saltier flavor.

    I know a kid that hate hot dogs. sad. but she will eat baloney. go figure.