Treat your kittens this Valentine's or any day with catnip conversation hearts.  Modeled after Valentine's Day candy hearts substituted with lolcats phrases, these hearts are the perfect way to show your feline friend you love them too.  It just takes some felt, catnip, batting, and rudimentarty sewing skills to make these sweet hearts for your furry sweethearts.  What kinds of conversations will your catnip hearts kick off? 

Step 1: Materials

For this project, I used felt, but fleece is another great choice.  The best fabrics will be soft, durable, and won't fray when you cut them.  

For the lettering, I used heavy duty fusible backing, and cut the letters out, turning them into iron-on patches.  


Craft felt in pastel colors
Heavy-duty Heat n' Bond Thermoweb
Polyfill batting


Pinking shears (these are my industrial bad boys, but you can definitely find them cheaper)
Sewing machine or hand sewing needle

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So cute!!! I'm gonna make these
adorable!! :)
Your drugging them
Thought button only had 1 eye in the first pic. Then I realised that it was just the camera angle
My cat is scary when he eats catnip ... but it's funny watching him go crazy
Love it!! could you do more animal items I have already done all them that you made
Great!! <br>Cats are so fun, I have 2 lovely ones, I have catrknip in a vase. They really love it! The fresh plant is nice and they roll with the leaves and sometimes eat them lol! <br> <br>Eliane
This is so cute! My cat would love this. Last thing i made for her was a felt mouse... It was ripped up in a few days
My cat nip toys eventually loose their flavor as I think all do. I recharge mine though. I have a gallon glass jar (an old pickle jar ) that I half filled with cat nip that I bought in bulk on eBay. I throw all the toys in there and shake it up and then leave it for a week or just store them in there all the time. They pick up that smell and get recharged and they are good to go for another round. Sometimes I let the cats pick out the one they want. Just open the lid and they fish out their catch of the day. I do have one who tries to climb in the jar though ( He buries his head in the cat nip ) so they do need supervision. You get a lot of extra play out of toys this way. And the wet slobbered ones appear to recharge the best so just pick them up, say yuck, and chuck them in the jar. Your cats will love you even more for it.
AAAAAW they are adorable! Both the hearts and the cats!
These are ADORABLE! Love 'em!
Love the cat pics at the end <3
The 'ible is pretty neat ... but those photographs are GREAT! You are talented with the camera!
Hey scoochmaroo! My daughter sent me a link about kitties because I love them! I shared this link with Jessy and I had to share it here also! I hope you like it, It does have a goofy start but hang in there:<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvSs6bp0E_c&list=SPP4n-TyNYe5w3RttD3R9iDcISFSzyCkzl&index=3" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvSs6bp0E_c&amp;list=SPP4n-TyNYe5w3RttD3R9iDcISFSzyCkzl&amp;index=3</a>
Very cute hearts and very very cute kittens.
bonjour <br>j'adore votre cr&eacute;ation et j'ai 4 chat. <br>ou trouver l'herbe a chat ? <br>merci
But I digress. Love this instructable and plan to make a few for my kitties.
&quot;Catnip: Egress to Oblivion&quot; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3scQ0wq5zLE
Catnip is like marijuana to cats - should you really be giving your cats drugs?
This craft is adorable! So, easy, too. Your instructions are exceelent and fun to read. <br> <br>Question: did you use a die cut to cut out your letters? They look so consistent. <br> <br>Thanks for the kitty photos, too. I'm a sucker for all of these fun cat photos on the web.
excellent idea.....
Cute! I know what I'm making for my mom's cats! :) Your cats are cute too.
Great idea. I especially like the mini bios for Button and Coco. How about one that says &quot;KAT LDY&quot;
Nice idea, and your cat is awesome, beautiful, wonderful, bellissima!
These are adorable! I just bought some catnip today and my cats LOVE it..I will definitely be making some of these! Thanks for the great idea!
Awww...another great idea! <br> <br>Your kitties have a special mom ;-)
I think we need MOAR PIX of Coco and Button <br /> <br />:D
Agreed! Your kitties are so cute!

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