I have always wanted an inexpensive way to take unobserved pictures of wildlife in my neighborhood.  This instructable takes parts of two existing instructables and brings them together with added features to create a cheap motion detection wildlife camera.

This project uses a re-purposed PIR sensor module from an air freshener to provide motion detection, an inexpensive key chain camera to capture images, and a TI msp430 microprocessor to provide the necessary brains. The microprocessor comes with TI's $4.30 Launchpad experimenter kit.


Step 1: Parts and Tools


      1.  Re-purposed PIR sensor module from an Air Wick Freshmatic Compact i-Motion
           Air Freshener. See the links below.
      2.  Key chain Vivitar Mini digital camera (available at CVS or Walgreen's)
      3.  Project box from Radio Shack (270-1803) size 5" x 2.5" x 2"
      4.  MSP430G2211 microprocessor (part of TI Launchpad experimenters kit)
      5.  Proto board from Radio shack (276-148) size 1.5" x 1.75"
      6.  2 - 4.7k resistors
      7.  3 - 0.01 uF capacitors
      8.  1 - 1.0 uF Ta capacitor
      9.  1- 14 pin DIP IC socket
      9.  2 - general purpose NPN transistors (example: 2n2222 or 2n3904)
    10.  Single AA battery holder salvaged from air freshener
    11.  Single throw Single pole mini slide switch salvaged from air freshener
    12.   AA battery salvaged from air freshener
    13.  Hook up wire
    14.  Optional - Stained Glass Copper Foiling Tape (available at Hobby Lobby or other
                               stores that deal with Stained Glass supplies)

       1.  Solder gun and solder
       2.  Wire cutters
       3.  Needle nosed pliers
       4.  Drill and drill points (I prefer brad points for cutting plastic project boxes.)
       5.  hand or powered jig saw
       6.  Hot glue gun and hot glue

Important Links:

PIR Module


TI Launchpad

Craftman Drill


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