We were thinking about getting the Ipad or a clone but they all seemed to be near a half a grand. Just not in our budget. Mostly what we wanted it for, was to be able to remotely control my home automation web server very quickly and simply wirelessly. When I saw the Insignia Infocast (aka Chumby) on sale for $67, I was in awe. A perfect match. The Chumby does not come with a web browser, but it does come with a multitude of other applications to use. We have our own web server with a multitude of applications for both business and home (https://www.instructables.com/id/Uses-for-your-own-private-cloud/). I have even written a few myself. What is nice is that you can develop software for the web server and not have to develop for the Chumby directly. The same is true for almost any touch screen device that can access the web. Here we go:

Note: you will need to have some knowledge of how wifi works. Consult an expert if you need to. They can tell you more about how to make the Chumby safe for web browsing. That is beyond the scope of this instructable.

Update: Added two pictures. The chumby via the web browser is accessing eyeOS a web app that simulates a gui os. The next to last picture is the server pushing the eyeOS. Notice that is not running any gui

Update 1: The Insignia Infocast aka Chumby also supports some usb ethernet devices. So you can plug it directly into the network and not mess with wifi..

Step 1: What Is Needed:

1- Chumby with the 8 inch screen. (The 3.5 inch might work, but have not tried it.)
1- Keyboard for the Chumby
1- Usb memory stick (128 meg is perfect.) (preferably empty)
1- Computer (for downloading and expanding the software)
1- Wifi router or access point connected to the internet or an intranet (self contained network not attached to the internet.)

I have no connection with Best Buy. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Insignia+-+Infocast+8%22+Internet+Media+Display/9854795.p?skuId=9854795&id=1218185322584 Price goes up and down on this unit. Supply vs demand I guess.
Best buy no long seems to sell this product but you could go to http://store.chumby.com/ and pay a premium.

The new Chumby8 is supposed to come with a browser at about $200 at the time of this update.
The Sony Dash, which I have no use for sells for about $150 at the time of this update. I can not confirm whether it has a real browser. We do not prefer it's user agreement. Caveat Emptor.

Update: Even the Sony Dash seems to have been pulled from the retail shelves. I am looking for an Android tablet to do a follow-up instructable.
could you use somthing diffrent than a Chumby? if so, could you recomend some?(perferably cheaper yet! :P)
Wait till the tablets come in from overseas. There should be a price war. Even the ipad should drop like a rock in price, unless the retailers monopolise the market and limit what is available. If there was something less expensive and brand new I would have used it.
ok, thanks! ya, i am waiting for the tablet from india! that looks like a nice one for $35! :D
don't forget tho, ya get what you pay for. I bought a cheap tablet for $75 and it ran android 1.5 it wasn't bad but almost every good app. wasn't compadible with 1.5 so really it was kinda useless.
which one was that I want one<br>
Not sure what your asking, so please rephrase.
I was asking salomon1996 which one the one from india was cuz 35 bucks is definitely in my budget
http://geeknizer.com/worlds-cheapest-tablet/<br><br>there is a link about it. :)
Cool. This http://www.raspberrypi.org/ ($25)and a portable color tv or dvd player look interesting.<br>
thats genious
Caveat emptor.
hey this is nice
Thanx to all the people looking at this instructable!!
thats really cool! is it possible to make a on screen keyboard like the iPad's keyboard?
I am sure you could, the author of the web browser software did not include it. Maybe because he wanted the software to work on the limited memory of the 2.5 inch Chunby. Yes, I am sure an on screen keyboard could be done, but someone would have to write the computer software to do it.

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