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Computothought (author) 1 year ago

Out of patches to give out. Waiting for more.

Thanks for the amazing patch!

Computothought (author)  M.C. Langer1 year ago

Your welcome!

N.fletch4 years ago
Hey! Thanks for the patch; it was generous and I appreciate it!
Computothought (author)  N.fletch3 years ago
Your welcome.
Thanks for the patch I really felt it went unnoticed.
Your welcome!
A belated "Thanks" for the patch!
Computothought (author)  brazilero20083 years ago
Your welcome..
sath023 years ago
Thanks for the path.
Computothought (author)  sath023 years ago
Your welcome.
lordcyphon4 years ago
Heys :) greetings from Germany!