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Computothought (author) 10 hours ago

Getting close to the goal of 1.4 million,

M.C. Langer21 days ago

Thanks for the amazing patch!

Computothought (author)  M.C. Langer15 days ago

Your welcome!

Computothought (author) 1 month ago

Adding more tidbits to existing instructables here and there.

Computothought (author) 8 months ago

We would like to thank both subscribers and all others who are helping us get to 1,000,000 views. Trying to think of a special instructable as a reward so to speak.

N.fletch2 years ago
Hey! Thanks for the patch; it was generous and I appreciate it!
Computothought (author)  N.fletch1 year ago
Your welcome.
stocktc1 year ago
Thanks for the patch I really felt it went unnoticed.
Computothought (author)  stocktc1 year ago
Your welcome!
Computothought (author) 1 year ago
Dream it, draw it, wear it. Where have I heard dream it draw it, ..... before? Sure is a coincidence. .
A belated "Thanks" for the patch!
Computothought (author)  brazilero20081 year ago
Your welcome..
sath022 years ago
Thanks for the path.
Computothought (author)  sath022 years ago
Your welcome.
Computothought (author) 2 years ago
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