Cheap wall antenna.

Picture of Cheap wall antenna.
Simple TV antenna kit.  Saw this antenna (lknown as the Walltenna) advertised for about thirty five dollars. We could not see paying that for such a simple design, so we made one ourself.  We was surprised how well it worked even for the crude model we made, excepting maybe one station that I really liked to watch.If it looks ugly, you can always cover it with a picture. Last frame is an antenna that has been around for years.Looks familliar

Finally made a sort of very crude "ClearTV" antenna. Yielded over 50 channels/
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Step 1: Needed

Picture of Needed
1 - Dollar Store baking sheet. (They come two for a dollar).
1 - Tv transformer
1 - 16.25 by 12 inch cardboard piece for a backing plate.
Tape or glue

Heavy duty scissors.

Step 2: The base.

Picture of The base.
MNow you need to cut out the center of the pan so you can make the strips for the antenna.

Step 3: The pieces

Picture of The pieces
Screenshot from 2013-08-01 04:36:42.png
You will want to score the aluminium and then cut out the pieces as shown in the picture. 
8 - 7 inch long pieces
2 - 2 inch long pieces
2 - 6 inch long pieces
2 - 9 inch long pieces (You will eventually probably shorten them.

Step 4: The backplate.

Picture of The backplate.
You will want to cut out a 12 x 196.25 inch backgound to hold the antenna pieces. We used simple cardboard.

Step 5: Laying the pieces down.

Picture of laying the pieces down.
Screenshot from 2013-08-01 05:27:04.png
The seven inch long antennae with a 3 inch width is pretty much a standard. Used the same dimensions in the first antenna we made. Lots of prior art with this pattern.
Take two of the 7 inch pieces and form am arrow with a 3 inch width at one of the long corners.
Repreat this step at the other three corners with the remaining six 7 inch pieces.

Note: All metal contact points that intersect must not be glued.