Picture of Cheap wall antenna.
Simple TV antenna kit.  Saw this antenna (lknown as the Walltenna) advertised for about thirty five dollars. We could not see paying that for such a simple design, so we made one ourself.  We was surprised how well it worked even for the crude model we made, excepting maybe one station that I really liked to watch.If it looks ugly, you can always cover it with a picture. Last frame is an antenna that has been around for years.Looks familliar

Finally made a sort of very crude "ClearTV" antenna. Yielded over 50 channels/
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Step 1: Needed

Picture of Needed
1 - Dollar Store baking sheet. (They come two for a dollar).
1 - Tv transformer
1 - 16.25 by 12 inch cardboard piece for a backing plate.
Tape or glue

Heavy duty scissors.

Step 2: The base.

Picture of The base.

Now you need to cut out the center of the pan so you can make the strips for the antenna.

Step 3: The pieces

Picture of The pieces
Screenshot from 2013-08-01 04:36:42.png
You will want to score the aluminium and then cut out the pieces as shown in the picture. 
8 - 7 inch long pieces
2 - 2 inch long pieces
2 - 6 inch long pieces
2 - 9 inch long pieces (You will eventually probably shorten them.

Step 4: The backplate.

Picture of The backplate.

You will want to cut out a 12 x 16.25 inch backgound to hold the antenna pieces. We used simple cardboard.

Step 5: Laying the pieces down.

Picture of laying the pieces down.
Screenshot from 2013-08-01 05:27:04.png
The seven inch long antennae with a 3 inch width is pretty much a standard. Used the same dimensions in the first antenna we made. Lots of prior art with this pattern.
Take two of the 7 inch pieces and form am arrow with a 3 inch width at one of the long corners.
Repreat this step at the other three corners with the remaining six 7 inch pieces.

Note: All metal contact points that intersect must not be glued. 
carlitosd194 months ago

hey, How I can made the same antenna but a little more big, I would like to gain more channeles incresaing the size

Computothought (author)  carlitosd194 months ago

Not and engineer, but the lengths are set to get the most stations, but.an in-line amp might be a better choice.