Simple TV antenna kit.  Saw this antenna (lknown as the Walltenna) advertised for about thirty five dollars. We could not see paying that for such a simple design, so we made one ourself.  We was surprised how well it worked even for the crude model we made, excepting maybe one station that I really liked to watch.If it looks ugly, you can always cover it with a picture. Last frame is an antenna that has been around for years.Looks familliar

Finally made a sort of very crude "ClearTV" antenna. Yielded over 50 channels/

Step 1: Needed

1 - Dollar Store baking sheet. (They come two for a dollar).
1 - Tv transformer
1 - 16.25 by 12 inch cardboard piece for a backing plate.
Tape or glue

Heavy duty scissors.
<p>hey, How I can made the same antenna but a little more big, I would like to gain more channeles incresaing the size</p>
<p>Not and engineer, but the lengths are set to get the most stations, but.an in-line amp might be a better choice.</p>

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