How to make a cheap whiteboard from scratch.

We salvaged four hardboard plates covered with a white finish from an old closet.
Then we got cover-foil to protect books for a total of € 10,-
We had enough screws lying around so those where free also.
In total we used 21 screws and one washer
The tools we used where a measuring tape, a knife, a wooden spatula and a drill with screwbit.

Step 1: Basics

The first step was to put the four boards together. We did not had enough foil to fill out the board completely so the bottom and top row are two separate strips. In total we had four rolls of foil 2500 mm * 400 mm.

Be sure to clean the surface you use for the plastic, because every hair shows up on the finished board.

<p>Wauw this is an awesome idea! Thanks!</p>

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