Step 1: Build Frame

The posts are 4"x4"x6' The box is 3' square and 10' long

Step 2: Add

Add the wire to the bottom and then all your supports and dividers

Step 3: Nesting Box

Build your nesting box on one end

Step 4: Doors

Frame the doors

Step 7: Finished

Step 8: Finish

Put the outside wire on and tin on the roof
Know why a chicken coop has two doors? Because if it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan.
<p>I've started a similar design, have you had trouble with the mesh cutting the chicken feet? I've heard wires like that can be painful for the birds.</p><p>I'm going with OSB for my walls, but I like the cedar planks, if the paint doesn't last long I'll probably add planking.</p>
<p>I made this last summer. Took a bit of time. But I have received many compliments on my craftsmanship! </p>
Kivabell if you would like i can send you instructions on what I did. I built this as I went and just worked each problem as I came up
I love this coop but so many steps are missing! any chance of updating this with step by step instructions? or does any one know where I can find instructions for a coop this style? im not exactly a handyman...
I have 8 hens in my coop
How many hens can you house In this?
The coop itself is a 3 foot by 3 foot square. I built the rest to fit what I had
<p>I love your chicken coop but being a widow I have no one to help me make things. I am pretty handy but the pictures just weren't enough. I would have loved to see each step include neasurements and more detailed instructions on how to put together. I do love the coop and want to make it but without details I unfortunately can not do it. Thank you for the inspiration though.</p>
<p>I adapted the design for a rabbit hutch. We will add shingles on the roof and paint or add siding as well. So far the rabbits love it and it is working well!</p>
With only three hens your roster may over breed the small flock and stress them out. A stressed out hen will lay less eggs or none at all. A good ratio is 1:12.
Are you going to build a ramp up to the door?
I will when I get me a bigger place. I'm going to put wire around the bottom later and fix a ramp
I have 14 baby chicks in it right now. I'm only planning on keeping 3 hens and 1 rooster.
very nice. how many chickens can you house in this??? <br>
I really like this design. <br>

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