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Introduction: Childproof Cabinet Latch

If you got here, I can assume you child is researching every door, cabinet and drawer available in your home.

That is the case of my 14 month daughter... A week ago, she opened the cabinet under the sink, got a brand new one litter bottle of olive oil, and dropped it in the kitchen floor... As if this were not enough, she tried to walk on the oil, slipping and covering all her clothes with this healthy ointment. Luckily she did not get hurt with the glass, so it was just funny.

Because of this event, I designed this cabinet latch, based on a commercial one, and thought to be super easy to print and assemble.

Step 1: Print and Install

The first thing you'll need to do is to print the short.stl and the long.stl files.

Install the short part to the frame of the cabinet, door, window, or whatever you are childproofing.

The long part goes in the door or drawer. (the movable part in general). before installing it, check that it will lock correctly when closed. Once you are sure, attach it using two screws as the ones shown in the picture (any similar one will also work).

In the attached video you can see it working.



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