Picture of Childrens Chair/Table
First iam sorry for my bad english, but i'll upload many Photos that you'll better understand it. 

I made 3 "Cube-Seat" for my 2 kids. Really nice , beause u can switch them, in 3 Position's. 2 Position's as Seat in different heights and 1 as table. It is really simple to make. And your children got much fun with it!

So let's start !
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Step 1:

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1st the measurments:

The cube is 400mm x 400mm x 400mm . Very simple ;)

So you need :

2 Sides with          400mm x 400mm 
1 Rear wall with   400mm x 364mm
1 Seat panel with 364mm x 382mm

Step 2:

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Than measure it out and cut it with a radial saw or radial armsaw.

Step 3:

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Next step is to bring the edges in the right form , so i use a router with a chamfer. If you don't have a Router take Sanding Paper. 

Step 4:

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Than i use a Lamello-Machine for the woodworking.

Step 5:

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Sand it before you glue it together !

Step 6:

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Now you can glue it together. Take some clamps to do that.

Step 7:

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Last step is to sand ist again.

I don't use any varnish or paint , i think it's not necessary for a children furniture. Your kids will colour it later ;)
It looks like they really enjoy their new chairs and table :)
Semtex (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Yeah! Thats right, they often play with them, the newest thing is that they use it as a pirate boat.
That's awesome! You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!