i was running around the whole day looking for these (although simple) ingredients for a friend who wants to make it a part of her birthday party. i love the pastel colours that i chose (although not always) and it so reminded me of my little girl and her pink tutu running around chasing her brother with a light saber (hehe!). i did not even know whether to enter this contest or not but you know..what the heck.. its just for the fun of it.. its the sharing that counts! so good luck experimenting.. (*i call all of my cooking 'experiments ' so no one can sue me if they ever got sick eating it!). try it..you'll love it!

Step 1: Step 1 - Mise En Place

the ingredients are simple and you can get them at any of your local baking supplier shop. the theme is pastel pink so we'll keep the chocolate and other ingredients 'light' coloured. the hot pink?! oh i went a little crazy there..sorry! i will try to keep it simple so no exact measurements are given so that you can experiment at any volume in the comfort of ur own space n expertise! (lazy? yeah..that too)

mise en place
(serving : 50 pcs) (*closkwise from the top)

50 pcs marshmallows
 1-2 drops of candy colours in pink & magenta (purple)
50 lollipop sticks 
 125 g white chocolate 
white rice spinkles
hot pink rice sprinkles

parchment paper
stainless steel bowl
1 serrated knife
small stainless steel pot 

With Chocolate <3.<3
i wish i would have done these for my wedding. :( the colors are perfect!! <3
pink princess!
um.....very sweety
the chocolate lollipops are pretty sweet.. n if u mean the colour then yes it is sweet.. sweet like chocolate <3 :)

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