Merry Christmas fellow nerds!

   We're going to bake the coolest Christmas cookies the planet has seen with black and white butter pastry, put it together in a special way. I used the invaders from space monsters for inspiration, i found all the little monsters in the eponymous font from dafont.com 

I made this instructable merely to demonstrate you how to make awesome looking cookies than
  to present a specific pastry recipe or teach baking 101. So if you have your own butter pastry recipe feel free to use it if not in step 2 is a simple one.

 it might look awfully difficult, but ones you preped your self right, the stacking is actually pretty easy.

Step 1: Cookie Bluprints

Most important to this (but basicaly every) project is to do some good planning before you begin.

  For not loosing overview when we start building the cookie-bars, we're going to make simple blueprints of our little monsters.

  In figure (a) you see the first monster i chose. I think it's the best known of the invader bugs.
  Now we split our picture up into useful chunks (b). Those 2x6 pieces are easy to work with and you won't get confused while stacking later. If you look closer you notice that we can split them in 1x2 pieces (c). Those bits, black/white, black and white (d) are the "legos" we will build our cookie bars with. From this point I'll reference to them as bricks.

Advanced prep:

  now if you want to go into mass-production, probably with several motives like I did, or you simply like to put more science to your projects there are two more things to consider.

1. Count the black and the white pixels to calculate how much dough you have to color with cacao.

2. Count the bricks to know how wide our pastry tiles need to be. See picture 3 and 4.

  In the Example pic black and white are about even. Further i counted 9 black bricks, 3 white bricks and 28 bi-colored ones. 

As you can see in picture 4 some motives have bigger parts, you might want to cut them as one piece

<p>i love the game and these... are... AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!</p>
you are awesommeee!!!!<br>it must had taken a ton of time to do this project!<br>those are the coolest cookies i've ever seen :D
i live in the US and have never heard of vanilla sugar. Where did you get it?
simply check the online markets for the german &quot;vanillezucker&quot;. <br /> or try bourbon vanilla flavoured sugar - you can make your own yummy one!<br /> vanilla sugar most of the times is artificially flavoured.<br /> <br />
mostly so called &quot;vanilla&quot; in everyday food products is wood (sawdust) flavoured with a special fungus, that tastes like vanilla. another way of producing the fragrance is taking the waste of paper production (lignine) with the lignine sulfonic acid in it. tastes like vanilla, a bit more aggressive, and is really cheap.<br>the original orchid producing vanilla is rare and more expensive than the worldwide demand of vanilla flavoured sweets. &quot;In fact, 97% of vanilla used as a flavor and fragrance is synthetic&quot; (http://vanilla.servolux.nl/vanilla_facts.html). other sources are talking about 1% of the worldwide vanilla flavourings coming from original vanilla beans.<br><br>interested? have a look at...<br><br>- overview of the vanilla genus: http://www.henriettesherbal.com/eclectic/kings/vanilla.html<br><br>- description of the genus in the 'flora of north america': http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=1&amp;taxon_id=134375<br><br>- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanilla_%28genus%29
thanks, will do!
Do you think this could work with chocolate and vanilla sugar cookie dough?<br />
these are by far the coolest cookies ever.&nbsp; and btw you may want to check your oven... its being invaded.<br />
Great method, definitely doing this next year.<br />
photo's of the finished products would be nice, but good 'ible all the same.<br />
great stuff, looks really cool.&nbsp; I'm going to try this out really soon.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Do you think you could post a picture or 2 of what they look like after they bake?&nbsp; just to see how much they expand/warp<br />

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