Christmas Present That Lights Up When You Put it Under the Tree

Picture of Christmas Present That Lights Up When You Put it Under the Tree

At Christmas we put lights on everything. We light up our trees, our houses, and even our lawn ornaments. So why not put lights on the presents as well. 

Most people don't want power cords running to their presents. So in this project, I am going to show you how to make a light up Christmas present that is safely powered by induction. That way there are no visible power cords and your present isn't tethered to the wall. It will just light up when you place it under the tree.
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Step 1: Select an Inductive Charger

Picture of Select an Inductive Charger
For this project, you need an inductive charging system. This kind of system uses a transmitter circuit to convert electricity from a wall outlet into electromagnetic energy that is wirelessly sent to the receiver. The receiver then converts the electromagnetic energy into electricity that it uses to charge mobile devices.

I am using the PowerMat inductive charger. In this model the transmitter is a thin plate that the receiver sits on. The receiver is a small disk with a mini USB power cord that plugs into the device that you want to charge. When the transmitter detects the presence of a receiver unit, it automatically turns on and begins sending power to the receiver.

You don't need to use this exact model. Other inductive chargers can also work. If you are interested in building an inductive charger from scratch, you can check out this Instructable from user Inducktion

Step 2: Select a Set of Christmas Lights

Picture of Select a Set of Christmas Lights
To light up the present I used a set of battery powered Christmas lights. These come in two major varieties. There are the traditional incandescent bulbs and there are LEDs. I recommend using LED lights because they are about ten time more efficient. So you can get a lot more light for the same amount of electricity. Also LED lights come in more varieties. I chose a set of ultra slim wire lights. These are small enough that they can fit underneath the wrapping paper or around any ribbons, bows or garland.
SteveGall made it!3 months ago

I built this but I just used a LED Matrix with a 6V battery, some RGB LED flashers, and a few resisters I had lying around. I recorded a time-lapse of the construction of the project (My first time-lapse ever).

ccason43 months ago
That is a nice alternative use for the charger but it would be cheaper to use the batteries and a magnetic switch.


what, if we use an LED matrix ( 9V battery , 3V LEDs, and some 1K resistors. ) or a ckt like this with 9v battery .

maybe it is easy and portable !!

isn't it ? what do you say ?

achopra31 year ago
cool how much dose it cost to do this with and without the charger you bought
The lights were about $5. The diode was about $1.50. An inductive charger can be anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on the model that you get.