Cigar Box Guitars (CBG's) have become very popular in the past few years. My theory is that it is due to two things: the economic downturn and the emergence of the hipster culture. CBG's are very cheap to build. And they are fun to play while sipping a Pabst and wearing an ironic T-shirt.

A cigar box guitar, if you don't know, is a simple stringed instrument that uses a small wooden box as the resonance chamber. CBG's generally have 3 or 4 strings (some have 6; and some variations have only 1 or 2) and have all of the basic components of a guitar: a neck, body, nut bridge, and strings. They are often made using recycled material or found objects.

This instructable will show you how to build a resonator or dobro-style CBG that is unique because it features a hidden compartment for a small bottle or flask of whiskey, some shot glasses, and a shot server. A resonator guitar is simply a guitar that has a metal vibrating surface rather than wood which creates a bright metallic sound. Resonator-style CBG's are often built using license plates or metal pet dishes. In this instructable I will use a metal hand saw as the resonator surface.

Since CBG's are made using recycled materials it's unlikely that you'll start with the exact same materials that I used. So this Instructable will serve mainly as a basic guide to building your CBG rather than precise instructions.

This is fantastic!

Diesel27 1 month ago
How big is the box in the instructable?
BlueFork5 months ago

Great idea gona have to do some thing similar for the cbg I take fishing

drakeschaefer9 months ago
I just wanted to say Cigar Box GuiBar.....That is all
RbotJ10 months ago

looks great!

jakobm31 year ago

This is awesome!

SantaB1 year ago

Click the video to launch it into a new window and then click the speaker symbol with an 'x' next to it (it's in the top left) to unmute the sound.

The video is probably what clinched my decision to make one of these. I just started making these guitars. I have so many ideas. My builds are more rudimentary (in that I don't build a traditional guitar neck... my neck's surface is typically the fretboard as well). Mine may not sound as good as yours, but if it's close then I will be proud. I love hidden compartments. Mixing the two ideas is genius!

SantaB SantaB1 year ago

Btw... I voted and plan on posting this to my Facebook and Twitter later to hopefully drum up some more votes. :-)

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but can't download =(((..sent an email to instructables already, asking whats wrong...

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Bummer. The Vine video doesn't play on my Safari. Want to hear what this sounds like!

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Very nice instructable!