This Instructable will go through the steps to assemble the first Citizen Sensor kit : the MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Breakout Board.

More info at: http://citizensensor.cc/make

To Purchase a kit, email joe:  saavedra@jos.ph

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

The only tools you will need are:

• a soldering iron
• solder
• snips

The kit includes the following parts:

• 1 MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor
• 5 4148 300mA diodes
• 1 5v relay
• 1 3904 transistor
• 1 1K ohm resistor
• 1 10K ohm resistor
• 1 sensor socket
• 1 straight 4-pin header
• 1 PCB

If you purchased a kit and are missing any of these parts, contact joe at saavedra [at] jos [dot] ph
<p>this really helped thanks,</p><p>i wanted to know how to get the value of CO in ppm? </p><p>i made the module as per your description,i found the code on your website but it only mentions the analog output, how do i determine the value in ppm? also wanted to know if this sensor is actually able to measure 0-10 ppm range because the datasheet starts from 100 ppm?if you can help with the code or any other information that will be really great! thanks</p>
<p>Do you have the circuit diagram for this?</p>
https://github.com/jmsaavedra/Citizen-Sensor/tree/master/sensors<br><br>but there may be better ways to run this; 3 years ago this was the best, i suggest you look around!
Where did you get the PCB?

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