We finally have two kids who can walk!  Cue the superheroes.  

Eric always had a preference for the classic, more colorful, goofy blue and grey Batman and Robin.  We also wanted to make sure these retro-inspired costumes looked handmade like the honored grandmothers of the day would have fashioned. ;)    We didn't use any fabric store patterns this year, and we were surprised at the ease in creating these costumes using ready-made t-shirts from Wal-Mart along with a few slightly altered pieces of fabric from our local fabric store.

When all was said and done, we probably spent about $30 per costume.  Happy Hearts.

Here are the materials we used:
  • Red, yellow, and grey plain t-shirts
  • a green t-shirt we already had
  • grey girly stretch pants from Wal-Mart
  • yellow tights
  • blue and green soccer socks
  • cowboy boots that we already had
  • 1/2 yard each of yellow and green Spandex
  • 1/2 yard of blue "stretchy velvet"
  • black and yellow felt that we already had. One sheet of each color would be plenty
  • a very talented grandma who can crochet a batman hat, and the blue yarn
  • blue button for cowl
  • black foam masquerade mask
  • yellow Duck Tape
  • Sharpie
  • 4 AA dead batteries (we suggest you let them die of natural causes)
  • about 20" of 1" wide black nylon strip
  • metal belt buckles


Step 1: Tops and Leggings


For Batman's top we purchased a grey long-sleeved t-shirt and leggings from Wal-Mart.  (The leggings were in the girls' department, and our boy is too small for those sizes, so Momma ran a seam up the outsides of the pants to make them smaller.  Your little Batman may or may not require this step depending on his size.)

The only alteration needed to the top was the trademark Batman symbol.  We began by using a scrap piece of paper and free drawing the logo.  Once it looked right, we pinned the paper to the felt and cut the design through the paper and felt.  The oval was then cut to fit the bat.  

Lastly, we added some of that granny nostalgia by hand-stitching bold embroidery thread around the bat and Robin's "R".  This is how we attached them to the oval and the circle.   We then used quilting thread to hand-stitch the Batman symbol and Robin "R" to the shirts.  


Robin's leggings are yellow footless tights which were purchased in the girly section of Wal-Mart.

Robin's red sleeves had to be removed first so that it would begin to look like a vest.  We simply turned in about a 1/8 inch seam and sewed so we wouldn't have a raw edge that could fray.  Secondly, we pinned an overlap down the center of the shirt and stitched it into place so it would look like two pieces of cloth coming together and fastening in the front.

See above for instructions on how we made Robin's "R" symbol.  The yellow "fasteners" on Robin's shirt were simply made by cutting rectangles out of felt and stitching red embroidery thread around the edges and then hand-stitching with quilting thread onto the shirt.  

Robin's green shirt is simply a green t-shirt that we already owned, and it's worn under the created red vest.  
<p>Just wanted to thank you for your tutorial. I made costumes for my three boys this Halloween and I was so happy with how they turned out. Things I did different: I made boot covers to wear with tennis shoes, a head cover (that goes under the batman mask I found on amazon), and batman's belt was made with felt instead of tape. :)</p>
<p>I know its been two years but I was wondering where did you find a purple vest for your baby. I want to do this with my boys and am struggling with joker</p>
Can I pay you to make my son a batman costume like this one?!
<p>That looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! </p>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win good luck!
Thanks! It is certainly an honor :)
I love the crocheted hat! It can also be used for a cold winter's night! :)
Thanks so much! It was a blast to do :)
This is super cute and super amazing!
Ahhhhhhh! So perfect. Love the photo edits, too! :D

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