Classic French Toast





Introduction: Classic French Toast

This is a yummy classic French Toast recipe of mine. Nothing extravagant, but my family loves it. This French Toast actually works better with day old or longer bread, because the bread won’t fall apart when soaking in egg mixture. This recipe works with many types of bread - brioche sourdough, cinnamon-raisin, Kings Hawaiian, Italian or French to name a few.

Step 1: Ingredients:

1 loaf Challah Bread

3/4 cup light cream

8 large eggs

1/2-1 tsp. cinnamon

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 Tbsp. sugar

butter, unsalted

canola oil

Step 2: Custard Directions:

Remove the chalazae which anchor the yolk in the center of the thick white.

Step 3:

Whisk the eggs until the yolks and whites are combined.

Step 4:

Add the light cream, whisking until light and creamy.

Step 5:

Whisk in the vanilla, until combined.

Step 6:

Whisk in the cinnamon, until well combined.

Step 7:

Whisk in sugar, mixing to combine.

Step 8:

Pour the egg custard mixture into a 8” x 8” square pan. Set aside.

Step 9: Bread:

Slice the Challah Bread into 1-inch-thick slices,which helps keep the bread from becoming too soggy while promoting a nice, creamy interior. (preferably day-old bread).

* Challah is an egg bread and butter and will give you wonderful creamy insides.

Step 10:

Heat 2 tablespoons butter and 2 tablespoons canola oil in a cast iron skillet over medium heat.

* Adding a little oil with butter, prevents the butter from scorching or burning.

Step 11:

Place 2 slices of bread in the egg custard and soak a few moments. Turn the slices over and soak until bread is soaked through, a few moments more.

Step 12:

Set up the pan of the custard with the soaking bread as close to your stove as possible, to avoid unneeded drips.

Also, be sure to let the excess custard drip off of the bread before you place it in the pan to avoid a custard puddle forming beneath the bread as it cooks.

Step 13:

Add the 2 slices of bread to the preheated fry pan. Fry the bread until golden brown, 2 to 3 minutes per side.

Step 14:

Transfer to wire rack while cooking... using a cooling rack prevents underside from becoming soggy.

Note: You can place french toast in a preheated oven 225 °to keep warm while cooking remaining bread... if it needed.

Step 15: Serving:

Serve hot with butter and pure maple syrup.

* I like to top it off with cut strawberries, bananas and powdered sugar when strawberries are fresh (but here it is in the middle of Feb. when I posted the recipe & took the pictures!!

Step 16: Freezing:

Usually I make extra French Toast and freeze for those days when your in a hurry… just take out of freezer & reheat and eat in less than 5 minutes!

Step 17:

To freeze, place cooled French Toast (1 slice per bag) of in a heavy-duty freezer bag and freeze. Use the frozen French toast within 1 to 2 months for best quality.

Step 18: Reheating Frozen:

Remove French toast from freezer bag, place onto microwave safe plate..

Step 19: Microwaving:

Microwave the french toast for 2-3 minutes, depending on your microwave watts.

Step 20: Turning:

About 45 seconds into heating, turn the french toast over, add butter.Continue reheating until butter softens.

Step 21:

When butter has softened, remove from microwave and serve.



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Used your recipe this morning. Family loved it. I wasn't able to get challah bread, so I used a freshly baked sourdough loaf. Thanks!

16, 11:00 AM.jpg

wow so yummy??

Aww, thank you!!!!!!

I love French Toast! I just made an 'able to make a microwave version to make it quick and easy. Yumm!

I LOVE French Toast!! But sadly, when I order it at restraints the middle of to is eggy and soggy.

Most likely because of the bread. Challah is a good choice. It's thick enough to keep it from being over soggy!

Did you use this recipe?

I have not tried your recipe yet, but I'd love to try it with the Challah bread. I also didn't use your recipe in my instructable (I made mine a week or two ago). I was craving French Toast one evening but didn't feel like dragging out pans and such, so I made a mini version using a mug and white bread I had on hand. Great snack :)

In France, we say "pain perdu", lost bread, cos this is a way to reuse hard dry bread.