For my son's 5 year old birthday party, he wanted  to combine his two favorite things,  "Phineas & Ferb" and "Star Wars" .   Interesting combo, no?  For the Clone Wars section of the birthday party, we came up with the idea for upside down clone trooper helmet cupcakes. These cupcakes were the hit of the party with the five-year-old boy set, though I will warn you, they are a bit time consuming to assemble. But well worth it!

They are not only impressive looking, they are also tasty.  The marshmallow fondant on the outside actually tastes like marshmallows, not not regular, mediocre tasting fondant.

These cupcakes could easily also be adapted to be Storm Troopers rather than Clone Troopers, if your Star Wars fan is more old school.  Simple change the pattern on the cupcake!

Step 1: The Cupcakes

You’ll need good firm cake, similar to pound cake. Here’s the recipe I used. I don’t know if it was luck, or overfilling the cupcake cups, but this cupcake came out with a nicely flat top, which is exactly what is needed (for Storm troopers instead of Clone troopers, a rounded top would be better).

Ideally, your cupcakes should be extra tall, so use a tall cupcake pan (like this one: Wilton 6 Cup Kingsize Muffin Pan).  If you don't have something like that, improvise with oven safe cups that would have a similar shape. 

The cupcakes must be tall for this to work, so overfill the cups. Bake a few extra cupcakes or cake in any sort of pan, to use as cake ball mixture. Since you want smooth sides, don’t bake in muffin cups. Either grease and flour the pans very well, and/or line with strips of parchment paper (that’s what I did) to prevent sticking.
cool as
Nice work!<br>I made my first mm fondant based on your cake pop instructables, this is just as cool as the cake pops! The fondant tastes great!
You cut him in half ! YOU SICK ****** !
Great idea, these look awesome!!!
awesomeness.=] 5 stars
Thank you!

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