A fun space knitting project...

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Lion Brand - Alpine Wool - Dark Gray (1 Skein)
Lion Brand - Alpine Wool - Light Gray (1/4 Skein)
Lion Brand - Vanna's Glamor - Sparkly black (Few yards)
Lion Brand - Vanna's Glamor - Sparkly copper (1/2 Skein)
Lion Brand - Fun Fur - White (3 Skeins)
Thread (12 inches)
Material for stuffing (Packing peanuts, plastic grocery bags, etc.)
19" long 1" by 1" pieces of pine (4)
Wood screws (4)
Wire (8 - 12 feet)
Sheets of cloud paper for background (4)
Wood Glue

Straight knitting needles (Size 6)
Double pointed knitting needles (Size 8)
Circular knitting needles (Size 8)
Hole Saw
Screw Driver

That knitted Falcon is just sooooo <em>cute!</em><br><br>
<p>I need to show this page to my grandma :D</p>
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Not odd at all -- fun! Think I'm going to have to adapt at least the Millenium Falcon to crochet....
That is awesome!
So cool! This is on my &quot;to knit&quot; list.
I love starwars as much as anyone else,<br>but why ? WHY ?
It is called Art..
it love the clouds:D!!!
Thank you for actually telling how you did this instead of just posting a badly focused picture and wait for applause like it seems most people does these days.
Wow, that looks amazing!

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