Picture of Coconut Oil Home Remedies
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Coconut oil sure is trendy these days. A simple search for "coconut oil" on Instructables yields countless recipes. Strangely enough, I rarely consume or cook with coconut oil. Instead, I apply it topically almost daily as part of my beauty and health care routine. It smells great, saves me money, and (most importantly) gets the job done. Here are my favorite top 9 uses for this home remedy staple.
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Step 1: Tooth Aches and Teeth Strengthening

Picture of Tooth Aches and Teeth Strengthening
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Practitioners of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic medical system, recommend swishing coconut oil (also known as “oil pulling”) daily to decrease tooth sensitivity and strengthen enamel. And recent studies have shown that coconut oil naturally combats a major bacterium known to cause tooth decay, Streptococcus.
How I use it
For specific tooth pain, I dip my finger in coconut oil (in solid form), gently massage it around the tooth in question, and avoid extremely hot or cold food and beverages for a few hours. For preventative measures, after brushing my teeth with regular toothpaste, I apply about a dime-size amount of coconut oil to my toothbrush and brush my teeth, gums, and tongue with the oil before bedtime. (Since adding this step to my daily routine, I no longer experience tooth pain.)
Need more than coconut oil?
Add two drops or so of clove oil to the coconut oil.

This is really informative - thank you! I knew coconut oil was a wonder product but had no idea of all these uses and properties.

annabenson611 months ago
Really helpful
Sam.anne.tha (author)  annabenson611 months ago
Thank you!
Sam.anne.tha (author) 1 year ago
It was actually someone with eczema who recommended coconut oil to me as a moisturizer. I don't use anything else on my skin.
Excellent tips, coconut oil has done wonders for my son's eczema.
kaijura1 year ago
Nice! Lots of good information and it's nice to see the effects you have personally achieved instead of just saying it works. Good job! Voted
Sam.anne.tha (author)  kaijura1 year ago
Aww. Thank you so much!