Coin Operated Knex Gum Ball Machine!





Introduction: Coin Operated Knex Gum Ball Machine!

About: Hi im kevin! i make stuff =] Kthanksbye =D
I BUILT THIS FOR THE I MADE IT CONTEST!! As you can see i posted it the day of the deadline :)

This is my new creation! It is coin operated and designed for quarters.
If you drop in a penny, nickle or dime, it will just take your coin. :)
For every quarter, one gumball is dispensed.
Please read:
I also built lock and key mechanism for safely storing the collected change.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough knex to finish the rest of it :((
I ran out of green rods and 3D connectors.

So i am left with a random lock and key system with no way to attach it to the bottom of the machine.
I Hope the Coin Operated Gumball machine alone is enough :)

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    Knex coin operated machine! That is really cool!

    You have to make instructions!!!!

    Really cool but we wait instructions ;)

    Really nice work

    Tried to make this a while back, but could not get it to work.

    have you instructions for this candy machine? i want to make one!

    Dude you need to post

    I have 7 gum balls in my moth rite now. (no joke)


    Wow......5* How many pieces,approximately?

    could u plz post this. i want to make it

    I think this is fantastic!

    Can u post the lock or is it already somewhere on the site?

    Thats totally false. In the other video you can see better that you don't introduce the quarter. It is just a mechanism that makes that always you turnthat thing, a gumball cames out.

    you NEED to make instructions

    couldn't you just make a replica key out of your own knex?

    cool do a how to

    Please post coin mechanism