Introduction: Collapsible Plastic Glass

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After the wood cup experiment. I tried concept on a plastic glass/cup. Much easier!

Decided to color the top segment with a sharpie. Also added a patriot logo from the internet.

Step 1: Materials

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Got these glasses/cups at dollar tree.

Dremel or you can use a backsaw, hacksaw. Just a plain razor knife.

Glass pint idea at the bottom.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

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Bottom was cut up 1" First ring.

Take the cut bottom/base and drop in glass.

Here you make your mark for the next ring segment.

From top of where the base fits tight in the glass measure down 1/4" THIS IS YOUR MARK.

Take out the base, Cut at that mark. Below that is waste.

Measure up 1". Cut, this is your next ring. Drop bottom (base) in this ring till tight. (cut adjustments per fit).

Continue marking rest of glass.

Rule of thumb: Collapsed rings should have space = to the thickness of the glass. See photo

with toothpicks.

Step 3: Glass Cutting Jig

Picture of Glass Cutting Jig

Haven't tried Pint glasses yet. But here's some idea's. This is the best glass cutting I found.

Idea? Thought about a folding bowl. Banna shaped, layers of wood,plastic some material. Bound at tips with rivet or screw. Folds out both sides. Semicircle layered with material. Attached at axis points for folding ball/sphere

Have fun!


greigt72 (author)2015-02-03

Y patriots, just y

SphereX (author)greigt722015-02-04

I don't follow football. But the spoils(cup) go to the victor. Could have been a Green/blue collapsible if not for that intercept?

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