Step 6: Paint!

I love this step. Just spraying on paint and hoping it all works out well. Make sure to wear a respirator and apply the paint evenly and you should be just fine.

Sometimes spraying can vary if you're leaning over a table. A good option is to turn the table on its side so that you are spraying the entire surface at the same distance and angle.

Well, this time it didn't work out just right. I didn't cover the seam on the sides well enough and some overspray ended up on the table.

Fortunately, this isn't the end of the world. You can actually erase overspray with an eraser. Or at least this works with the eraser that I used, a white Staedtler eraser. It's like a little magic wand that removes your painting oopsies.
Looks awesome! It reminds me of veneer work. I'm always drawn to pieces that have been dressed up with "geometric" looking patterns. I may try something like that using contrasting woods, probably on a smaller scale at first though, something like a box lid.
Attractive decoration. However, shouldn't the supply list incluce "one table"? Or, the title be "Decoration for Table"?
Wow! I've always loved the Compass Rose. Nice 'structable.
That's nice work, and a nice way to dress up a rather mundane piece of furniture.
Excellent! Llooks beautiful
Awesome :) Love the color choices!
Thanks! Gotta love burgundy

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