The third video I have of the plane flying was a very old video I took with my really bad camera. As soon as my new camera comes in the mail I will make a better video of the plane fly. Also the complete video instructions will be out in within another month or so! So stay subscribed!

Now I'm sure the main question you have right now is why would I make your plane over somebody else's? Well let me explain why I feel my plane is the right one for you, a beginner.

"When I began to get land sick and wanted to get up in the air I was all pumped and excited about RC flying! So I saved up about 100 bucks and I went to my local hobby store but was sadly disappointed when I noticed that all the decent sized planes were $200+. So I spent some time researching RC planes, and decided to make one myself. But what material should I use? I need something easily available and pretty cheap. After seeing guys like Experiment Airlines and Flight Test I decided upon using foamboard. It cost a dollar a sheet and was at my local Dollar Tree. I had my material, and they suggested using HobbyKing.com to purchase products from. Although HK is cheaper quality stuff I knew that spending 10$ on a battery was definitely better then spending 60$ for a name brand battery at a hobby store. So far all my of my HK parts have been working fine, especially the motors! I've had this same motor for a year now, and I've crashed it so many times and that thing just keeps on working!"

Finding material and electronics for a plane is just half the story. You need to have a design! After browsing on Experimental Airline's page I absolutely loved his Armin Wing and his tape-covering technique. But I wasn't to happy with the method he used for making his fuselages. So I looked over at Flight Test, and I really liked their foam-folding technique, so I decided it was time to mix and match and to design my own plane. Combining techniques from FT and EA, as well as using my own head, I made my own foamboard RC plane.

Here is a list of the many advantages of my particular plane.

  • Step-by-step instructions with video (coming soon!)
  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to build
  • Not very time-consuming
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to repair
  • Simple design
  • Fully modifiable
  • Fairly large
  • Easy flying for beginners
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NewbieRCPlane3 months ago

Great Project!!!! I constructed this RC over the past few weeks and I am super excited for my first flight!

One Problem,

My throttle and elevator work great, but my ailerons are reversed! I have searched for hours on the internet on how to fix this problem to no avail.

HELP!! How can I switch polarity in the reciever?? I have Digital Radio software(Registered).

P.S. I am new to the RC world!

FoamboardRC (author)  NewbieRCPlane3 months ago

That's awesome! Alright, it's a very simple fix!

Yes, you can actually reverse the servos, but here's an easier way.

the digitalradio software all you have to do is change which ever
channel you need changed to the either N or R. See this photo. That's
it! Lemme know if it works alright.


ThomasK195 minutes ago

Ah! I always wondered what the kV stands for. So simple once you know :-)

J-rex1 month ago
Hey, quick question, for charging my battery I plug the four pin plug on the battery into my balance charger, and the alligator clips are used to hook to the power supply, right? This is my first time doing anything like this, sorry
FoamboardRC (author)  J-rex1 month ago
J-rex1 month ago
Oh, thank you. Sorry, I completely forgot about that
J-rex1 month ago

Hey, great project, I'm having a ton of fun with it, but I'm confused about one thing. On my receiver my slots are formatted like this








My problem is, when I hook my esc up to the battery, battery port, and the motor, I can't control the motor. Port three is controlled by the throttle stick on my remote. I ordered all the parts on your money saver package. The receiver will control the servos. This is my first time soldering, so idk if it could be caused by a bad connection. please help

FoamboardRC (author)  J-rex1 month ago
I'm sorry, I don't think I made it quite clear in my instructable.

The ESC lead goes into whatever channel you have mapped for the throttle. For instance, the receiver you got should be ordered like this. . .

Channel 1: Aileron
Channel 2: Elevator
Channel 3: Throttle
Channel 4: Rudder
Channel 5: Aux1
Channel 6: Aux2

The receiver will then be powered through channel 3. The reason why they have a separate channel for battery is because when using a gas plane there is no ESC. There is a just a battery to power all the electronics and then a servo to control a lever which is on the engine that lets in more gas/air. So on a gas plane you'd plug the battery to the receiver in the battery slot and then you plug the throttle servo into the channel 3.

But since we are using electronic motors we don't need to have a separate battery source to power the receiver. The receiver can get powered through any channel. But since channel 3 is the one that the throttle controls we plug the ESC into channel 3.
robobot31122 months ago

Hey there , my ESC does not accept li-ion, i have made a ni-mh battery pack, but my esc just beeps and then does not move, my nimh battery pack is about 9.6v 3800 mah.

Duckiebob3 months ago

I bought the battery charger you suggested in the money savers package and I don't know how to charge it. Do I just attach it to a 12V car battery?

FoamboardRC (author)  Duckiebob3 months ago
That may work but that's a little bit risky. Buy a 12v 3A power supply
Duckiebob3 months ago

Is there a way I could seal the foam to make it waterproof? I don't accidently land in some moist grass and have the foam disentagrate.

FoamboardRC (author)  Duckiebob3 months ago
Just read the instruction thoroughly. I explained how to do it
Duckiebob3 months ago

I cut my wing wrong. I do not want to buy another foamboard for one mistake. can I use a little fabric for the ailerons?

FoamboardRC (author)  Duckiebob3 months ago
Fabric?? Do you want to ruin the whole plane and motor by trusting some fabric? What did you cut wrong? I don't know what you want are trying to fix.

Foamboard is only a dollar a sheet. . .

when I cut the board, there wasn't enough room for the ailerons. I used fabric glued into the trailing edge of the wing. Then glued new ailerons onto it.

OllieIsBoss3 months ago

try installing a rudder instead it makes it easier to fly

FoamboardRC (author)  OllieIsBoss3 months ago
Actually that is very untrue. For beginners they don't need to worry about a rudder. In fact many of them can't even handle the plane. Now if you are a more experienced pilot then yes a rudder is essential for awesome tricks. It depends on your skill level. I can assure you a beginner would have no clue what the rudder actually does, and they'd begin to use it incorrectly.
OllieIsBoss3 months ago

Also if you are having take off problems make landing gear and try a ground take off; it works great for me.

OllieIsBoss3 months ago

Does your receiver have a row of slide switches near the bottom? If so look in the manual and find which one is for the ailerons. That should reverse the controls for the ailerons.

robobot31123 months ago

I have a 30 amp esc and 1800kv motor with a 10x4.5 prop. Can i use a 11.1v 4850 mah 3c battery?

FoamboardRC (author)  robobot31123 months ago
1800 kv motor is very indescriptive. You could have a very tiny motor with that rpm or you could have a massive motor with that rpm.

Anyways how that battery is much too big for this airplane, as well as the prop. The 2200mah battery I'm using is already pushing the limits.

i will trim down the prop. The battery is li-ion, is it suitable or do i need a li-po?

I have a 1800kv motor the size of the 1400kv motor you are using in the ible.

FoamboardRC (author)  robobot31123 months ago
Just follow the instructions for garunteed succes

Can the li-ion be used? the C rating is really low.

Duckiebob4 months ago

Thx. Ordered and Waiting!

FoamboardRC (author)  Duckiebob3 months ago
Happy building and flying!
Duckiebob4 months ago

Is there a different ESC that I can use? Hobbyking is out of the one you suggest.

Yes i used a 30A one that i bought on ebay

FoamboardRC (author)  Duckiebob4 months ago
Yeah! I can personally vouch for these, they work great!
OllieIsBoss3 months ago

your welcome

OllieIsBoss4 months ago

Hi i built this plane and i found some minor problems. The main one being that the battery is too heavy. If you go on ebay you can buy one by the same company that has 1000mah of storage instead of 2600mah of storage for $12 and it only weighs 50g so when you crash it the prop wont break every time. Also the motor should face down about 5 degrees because it will help it get lift. I love your design thanks for all of the detailed instructions.

FoamboardRC (author)  OllieIsBoss4 months ago
Good point about the motor, but in all 10 or so planes I've made like this I've never had any issues with it being that heavy. But true, a smaller battery would cut your flying time in about half, but it might save the prop. I'm pretty sure the prop will break anyways. . .
mstigman4 months ago
I am trying to make this and wondering why you put the skewers in then found the center of gravity?
FoamboardRC (author)  mstigman4 months ago
Because I've built it a million times and I know where the cg is. Generally you'd find the CG first
Dowaine5 months ago

this is a pretty good little plane. I have crashed it 3 times ( I flew it for five minutes before the third crash) and the last time I crashed in some weeds and they got up in the motor and bent the electric magnets and now the motor is burnt up.

I love it otherwise (best five minutes of my week)

I would suggest purchasing A prop saver it will defiantly save you money in the long run.

FoamboardRC (author)  Dowaine5 months ago
Well with this particular setup a prop saver really isn't an option. The motor spins too fast and the rubber bands holding on the prop aren't strong enough. I'm glad you got one made!

When you crash make sure to cut all throttle. If the motor can't turn and you're giving it full throttle the motor will burn up/esc :D
malpbluebell11 months ago

Hi Great model and my first foam board built...but I have an issue. I have only recently got into planes and quadcopters (Boat and car man). I am learning to fly my quadcopter that I 3d printed but wanted to have a go at an R/C Plane.

Yours is so detailed I couldn't resist it and built it in a couple of weeks (time not always on my side).

Any how I put wheels on because I loved the thought of a take off.

First flight...Plane launches into the air at almost 90 degrees and I panic but manage to save it.

Second flight...re trimmed (I think I was about right) takes off again and straight away launches at 80 degrees I panic and turn off throttle and she crashes on the nose...broken prop.

Ok so I only had the one prop on me so decide to go home and come back in a couple of days when I have thought about it.

I think the front aerolons were not down enough so I retrim these and thought about speed and rear control so retrim everything.

3rd flight takes in gentle and longer take off and again it pops into the air at about 80 degrees I panic (don't ask me why guess I think it is just going to keep going up..novice pilot) and slow it down, cant save it, down on the nose again and another broken prop.


Am I just paniking and this how the plane should take off?
Could it be that I am still trimmed wrong?
I am using a RC 1800KV Outrunner Brushless Motor 2208-12 with a 9 x 4.7 prop is this configuration wrong?

I am running it with a ZIPPY Compact 2200Mah 3S 11.1v 25C - 35C Lipo Pack is that ok...

The thing is it does fly and I love it and I wonder if it just me being a novice...lol

Anyway any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again

You may also be giving it too much up elevator. Try launching with less.

It sounds like your center of gravity is too far back. Move your wing back so that it balance 1/3 of the way from the leading edge of the wing.

Good Luck!


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