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 I was taking apart a computer for the dead computer contest and i found a big computer chip.  The chip is an intel pentium icomp.  The pins are not very sharp and when rubbed against the skin relieve the itch.  I also found a metal slot and 2 ram cards which had holes on the ends.  

Step 1: Tools

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 The tools for this instructable are simple:
-A pair of pliers 
-Hot glue gun

What you need to make the back scratcher is:
-Large computer chip
-2 ram cards or other long and thin computer pieces
-Screws and bolts, i got mine from the computer

Step 2: Taking Apart the Computer

 This step i s simple: do what ever you need to get to the inside of the computer with out completely destroying the inside components.  Once you have done that get what you need you can do what ever you want with the rest.  

Step 3: Assemble the "arm"

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 To assemble the arm of the back scratcher you will need the ram cards and the metal port.  Connect the ram cards first and make then straight.  You could leave them a little loose and that would allow he arm to bend.  Then attach the metal port withe the other screw and nut.  The arm is done.  

Step 4: Attach the Computer Chip

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 The way i attached the computer chip is by hot glueing it to a ram card on the arm.  You do not want to glue the entire chip to the card, instead glue the chip to the card about one third of the way on the chip.  Now you are done.  The only thing now is to try it out.


redsunmtm (author)2011-09-14

better use off CPUs

redsunmtm (author)2011-09-14

better use off processors (note that you need from 6 to 7 CPUs to make one off those !
all made without soldering, onli curving the pins with a wire inside.

Errik (author)2010-03-08

I can't stop laughing..

Darter76 (author)Errik2010-03-08

 The longer you stare the funnier it gets

Asa J (author)2010-03-04

Oh wow this feels great.....oops a little blood there, did I cut myself? AAAAAAH I'M COVERED IN LACERATIONS!!! O_o

Darter76 (author)Asa J2010-03-04

 thats the thing: it does not cut u unless u are stupid and u press down to hard

Asa J (author)Darter762010-03-05

yeah i guess i was just thinking about my beautiful mole. how it might not be there any more after using this EXTREMELY efficient and effective instrument. Seems like advertising it you might need a monster truck anouncer type of voice to get accross just how scratchy this thing is.
Hey, how about desoldering all those ram thangys and making a bed of needles!!

manumanu764 (author)2010-03-02

C'ome on!!!

i hope you die

Darter76 (author)manumanu7642010-03-03

 do u have a better idea?

manumanu764 (author)Darter762010-03-04

I mean
for me is like peeingon my girlfriend (a bit nerdy, but i have some kind of love with old computers lol)

eddy14777 (author)2010-03-01

horribly dangerous... I like it 5*

struckbyanarrow (author)2010-02-26

looks unhealthy 5*!

It is unhealthy.  Computer chips, although very good for scratching have alot of toxins in them, especially Lead.  If you used the, what is it, I think its ROHS Certified products, which means they are Green (So no Lead) it would be fine, or better for sure...But those pieces are relatively new and you would need a fairly new computer to get those...

revelae (author)Wesley6662010-02-28

also pretty close to being a copy of the CPU hair brush 'ible.

Darter76 (author)revelae2010-03-01

 well i guess it could be used as that also.   although i have not heard of it either 

Wesley666 (author)revelae2010-02-28

Haven't seen that one yet...

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