Picture of Conehead Zombie Costume (Plants vs Zombies)
My six year old, like most little boys, loves video games. One of the games that he likes to play on the computer is Plants vs Zombies, where you save your house from a zombie invasion by planting different kinds of plants in your yard. So this zombie costume is of a specific zombie from that game (the cone-head zombie), but of course can be modified to work for any generic zombie.

These instructions assume the costume is for a child, but this can be modified quite easily for an adult (an adult would probably have to create their own bone-leggings, since I'm guessing they wouldn't have the ubiquitous skeleton pajamas!)

It's a super easy costume - no sewing, just a run to your local thrift store if you don't have the supplies on hand!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Either raid your closet for too small clothes, or hit the thrift store, for most of this costume.
You’ll need:
• Blue pants or jeans (will be cut)
• brown or tan blazer
• White shirt
• Red striped tie (a skinny adult tie will work)
• Skeleton pajama pants (if you don’t have any, then some black pj pants or leggings, and see next step.)
• Kids soccer cone, the perfect size for a hat!
• 2 feet or so of elastic.
• Large fake sunflower (for munching!)
• Makeup
redmund3 years ago
Pvz 4ever!!
Beyond adorable. He looks so excited!