Connecting a Serial Device to an Ethernet LAN

Picture of Connecting a Serial Device to an Ethernet LAN
Connecting a Serial Device to an Ethernet LAN

This document should allow you to connect a serial device to an Ethernet network using a “Serial Device Server.”  The example here is using a personal weather station WS-2310 as the serial device and a Moxa NPort Express DE-311 as the device server. 

Note: “Device Servers” are almost generic.  There are many manufactures with different features, but they all do the same thing.  The device I chose I had on hand, so it was an easy choice.  Features I'd look for if buying one off the shelf are PoE powered if you have a PoE switch, or Wifi enabled if you want a wireless connection.

The device server will do MUCH more than explained here - This is just a great use case!


*Serial Device Server with DB-9 and RJ-45 connections.
*Weather Station with serial connection
*PC or Switch with an open Ethernet port
*Cable to connect weather station to Device Server
*Ethernet cable to connect Device server to PC or switch.

Step 1: Gather Information

Picture of Gather Information
Gather Information:

* Weather Station Serial Connection

* Get the pinout for the serial connection.  Here's what I found on a forum about my station (Image 1):

* The DB-9 side (Image 2):

* The RJ-11 side (Image 3):

* Test the cable with a multimeter to make sure of the cable's configuration.  If you find the cable is different than what you require you'll need to make your own using a modular connection. The colors are irrelevant; if you have to make your own, you may have either 4 or 6 pins.  In this example I have 4 pins.

* The Serial settings will also be needed.  Internet research has shown that it is autoset in the software, so I can't do much there. I'll include what the actual settings are.  Lazy for La Crosse not to include them in the manual!
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theodisbutler8 months ago

Great post! Very helpful indeed.

Skymeat (author) 1 year ago
Hi - If you find something technically or grammatically wrong let me know!