This tutorial will guide you with how to make whole setup to control your Arduino Board with iArduino application.For understanding, we will use Led and we will switch it On and Off  with the help of iArduino app.From this you will get the idea about how to setup iArduino to control your Arduino board Wirelessly. Whole setup will take 4-5 min.
So let's get started........

iArduino App Information:

iArduino Application is developed for controlling your loving Arduino Board Wirelessly. Since iArduino App gives you an ability to control output on the confined Arduino Pin, you can implement them for controlling anything you want according to your need. Some PWM capable pins are also provided with slider so that you can control anything which requires PWM.It is having a message window in it which provide you with the signal being sent by iArduinoHD app and receives the feedback message from Arduino Board .

iArduino App requires extra minimal hardware to work, without that it won't do anything. Full details on how to make setup are given on the website.If you require any kind of help then you can mail me at : dhirajjadhao@gmail.com

It can be downloaded from the App Store Just follow the link below:


Step 1: List Of Items Required For the Setup :

Here is the list of items Required:

1. Arduino Uno Board
2. Arduino Ethernet Shield
3. Any WiFi Router( in my case i am using i-Ball Router)
4. 8 Blue or any coloured Led's
5. Ethernet Cable 
6. Finally an iPhone, iPad or iPod(Touch) with iArduino App Installed on it. If not Downloaded then follow the link:    https://www.itunes.apple.com/us/app/iarduino/id578582005?ls=1&mt=8
very cool! do you have any big plans for this?
Yes. Lots of stuffs will be on instructable soon.<br>We can implement iArduino to control anything wirelessly. My next instructable will be 1. Controlling AC bulb wirelessly using iArduino and Self made relay board. 2. Controlling a Car using iArduino and self made motor controller.<br>For updates stay subscribed.<br><br>Thank you
<p>bt how to operate iarduino...?</p>
Please visit : www.i-arduino.blogspot.com
<p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QsDFjR3RXD8" width="500"></iframe></p><p>This is a project just like it but has the code for geting udp on arduino and sending on xcode</p>
<p>do i need the shield or i can use the ESP8266 wifi chip??<br></p>
<p>I had some success with the Arduino UNO and the CC3000 Adafruit wi-fi shield, using the Blynk App.</p>
Is it the $139usd App?
<p>Hello DjTronix, I want to control the a certain device connected to an arduino mega and ethernet shield via an android device. Can you show me how the android device and the ethernet communicates? I want to understand how data packets are transfered over the network. I want to know how the ethernet shield interprets the command from the android app. I haven't started anything yet, I just need proofs this time to show that it will work. Can you help me as this is a part of my project design. Thanks ahead. </p>
Is this a way to control your robot wirelessly
Yes you can control your Robot using iArduino wirelessly
<p>I was wondering if it was possible to upload whole program files and sketches to program the arduino board, or will this app only let you control some functions after the board is already programmed?</p><p>My reasoning is: I am wanting to purchase a table (either ipad or a windows tablet) to be able to completely program and control all aspects of using the arduino board. I know for a windows table (specifically the Surface Pro 2) I can download and run the fully Arduino IDE from arduino.cc and have fully control and access. I am just exploring all possible options to have a lightweight, portable device for controlling and programming arduino.</p>
<p>Does this show us how to turn the actual arduino off not just an LED?</p>
<p>what you mean by turning off whole Arduino, please post your query in detail so that i can answer</p><p>regards</p>
<p>Is there a way to turn the arduino Uno device off on a mobile app such as when you plug it in and out of a computer</p>
Very good Article and i liked your work and the way you describe it but honestly i like works with <a href="http://www.epluse.com/en/products/humidity-instruments/humidity-sensor/" rel="nofollow">Humidity sensor</a> and arduino the most :)<br>best regards
Thank you for kind comment
Here is mine. Works great
Looks good, just make some short videos of it and put it YouTube, so that it would be helpful to others
GOT IT ,,,,,YES! !!!! !! Thanks much
Congrats!! For your setup. Please post your review in app so it helps other about use of app.<br><br>Thanks and please ask for anything where I can help you.
Ok, I can see when I slide a button on the iPhone the arduino reacts. I did what you recommended and now have the proper IP address. Can you recommend some help with the port I believe I must not have the port properly configured. <br>Last thing my router has a password does that matter?
I am a beginner to Arduino. My ethernet shield does not have a number on the back I did use the 7777 as recommended. <br>Can you possibly explain to a novice how to hook up the LEDs. Is a resistor necessary? Do all the long leads go to positive 5v or ground? I purchased my ethernet shield at RadioShack for two dollars or so I didn't know what I was buying but couldn't really pass it up for that price. I purchased your app It would be fun to get this working. It it may be above my ability level. I have done all the basic sketches that come in the Arduino software.
<p>Whenever you connect led to arduino its better to connect via Resistor. About you ethernet shield, if it doesn't have mac address on its back then keep the mac address which is there in iArduino code.</p><p>Upload DHCP address printer sketch from Arduino Example folder which will print IP address of your ethernet shield in serial monitor so that you can use that IP address in iArduino Sketch</p>
cool but I don't have an i phone
I am working on android platform and we will have android app soon
<p>Ok thanks tell me if is available for android market</p>
I will let you know once it is released for android market
Is it possible to use a wifi shield?
Is it possible to use a wifi shield?
This is very cool. Would it be difficult to use an Electric Imp shield and electric imp to do away with the ethernet completely and make it entirely wireless?
hello paulbacca,<br>i can elaborate the stuff, but i didn't understand what do you mean by electric imp shield.
Electric Imp is new innovation that is essentially a wireless card in the form factor of an SD card. The Electric Imp Shield will allow you to connect and Electric Imp card to an arduino. See for yourself: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11401 <br> <br>Check out the Electric Imp website:http://electricimp.com/ <br>Hope this clears things up.

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