I got bored with carrying my usb drives, bluetooth/ wifi adapters around in an Altoids can, so I decided to come up with a more creative carrying case. Once I got started, the ideas kept coming. I ended up with a really cool way to carry around my devices. I added a separate pager alarm that works with the cell.

Step 1: Open Up the Cases and Check the Fit.

I used a special plastic crowbar tool that I got free with a replacement screen for my HP pda (it broke again a year later :(......) to open all the cases. You can see the tool in the pic, the small blue stick right of the screwdrivers. It is important to take your time to prevent damaging any of the pins that hold the cases together. This being said......DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK......if you are new at opening up electronics, just make sure you are not taking apart anything you would be upset about breaking.

As you can see by the pics, I laid out everything and decided what to do with the parts I had to work with... I suggest you do the same and see what new ideas you can come up with. I started this project just to find a more interesting way to carry around my usb toys...my Altoids can was good, but I wanted something different. So, I was going to simply take out the battery and make the empty compartment into a storage case.

I decided against soldering my usb devices to extend the connectors. That's when I remembered the 4 port usb hub. You can get these at Target, etc. for under $10.
<p>nice, very creative.</p>
That's certainly a better use for a Siemens, I can't stand them personally!!! :P
you spelled cell wrong
lol..I argued hat with someone....thanks for catching it
But Does the Phone Still Work as A Phone?
No, purely cosmetic. The phone was seriously out of date, that's why I decided to re-purpose it for this project. I actually keep it with me and use it often. I've been keeping a 2Gb memory key and a bluetooth adapter in it, so it has turned out to be pretty useful.
Thanks for the comments. I've got a couple more old phones. Trying to find something useful to swap the screen out. Just found a 3 inch video monitor, so I'm thinking of trying to fit it in a phone, along with a wireless camera receiver. I'll post it when I get it all worked out.
This is cool. I may go buy a phone at the goodwill store and make this.b
Thats Cool untill you pick up the wrong cell phone and get mad because you can't hear anything and chunk it in a river. lol Good Job now I have something to do with the old Tel-Tac I have sitting around

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