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Surprise the man of your heart with this sweet and easy to make, cookie-bra!

Sure to be appreciated :)


Step 1: Mold of Your Chest

use plasterstrips to get an imprint of your chest - you want the bra the right size.
I'm not showing that step, due I don't want to see my chest on the internet ;)
- i'm sure you'll figure out how to do that.
Instructions are found on the package of the plasterstrips.

When the imprint is dry cover it with aluminiumfoil.

Step 2: Cookie - Dough

you can use all cookie doughs that can be used with cookiecutters.

the recipe I used:

0,5 egg
125g flour
62g sugar
62g butter
1Tablespoon Cocoapowder
1 teaspoon vanillasugar
1 little bit bakingpowder

and for flavour 2 tablespoons of instant cappuccino

Step 3: Forming and Baking

Form the cups of the bra on your covered mold.

make sure to make it evenly thick - about 0,5 cm

bake it on 200°C for about 10minutes ( may vary with another recipe)

Step 4: Decorating

at this point you can get as creative as you want :)

Here's what I did:
melt some white choclate in the still warm oven
spread it with a clean brush on the warm bra.

mix some white chocolate with cacoa-powder
and paint whatever you like :)

brush some chocolate on the edge of the bra and sprinkle it with chocolate-pieces

let everything cool down.

Step 5: Unmold

carefully peel the foil of the mold

take a corkskrew and make holes to join the two cups in the middle - be very careful!

tie the cups together with a nice lace or string.

Your done!

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy :)

Now surprise your beloved one and have a nice cup of tea!
- Or whatever you like  :D



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    I think this is a super awesome idea!!

    I think this is a super awesome idea!!

    I want to make a "wearable" version for my mans birthday. I was thinking of adding chicken wire for reinforcements. I want it to stay up for a while

    Nice work. Wish my wife would make this!

    I'm sure you could do a male version to surprise her :)

    Which part? His crown jewels? I have seen people going bonkers on this only they made candles and had them all over the lounge and it was bad taste. For fun between loving couples made and given privately especially if hubby or wife dear got to go away for some time for whatever reason even sent to them, but imagine it the courier opened the box and tell you it was opened for security or whatever