Cooking... with your car

Reusing some waste heat in from your engine bay to cook a meal on your way home.

After I showed this to a few people, I found out that there is a book called "Manifold Destiny" on this very subject. I have not read it yet, but I'm told that there are quite a few recipe's with locations and times (miles).

Step 1: Gather Some Ingredients

This was mostly improvised... But on my menu:

+Baked Chicken and Herbs (chicken breast, flour, your choice of herbs - I used mostly basil)
+Italian Chicken (chicken breast marinated in zesty Italian salad dressing cooked with pepper and onion)
+Red and Green Peppers and mushroom Noodles (used noodles from a ramen package, added a little EVOO, and cooked in vegetable stock)
+Baked Potato Pieces (salted with a little cooking oil)
+Baked Apples (sliced in half with a pat of butter and scoop of brown sugar)

Step 2: Prepare

Layout each item on foil sheets large enough to wrap.

The chicken breasts will be cooked in rectangular like packets to expose as much surface as possible. We want a cup like shape for the noodles/veggies.

Step 3: Sealing

Everything should be wrapped in a few layers of foil. Not so much to protect the food from anything, but really to protect the car from spillage.

The noodles require a little extra care. As we're adding fluid (veggie stock), we need to make out 'cup' with a sealable opening. However you feel is best is the way to go here ;)

On the note of toxic gasses (I'm asked this all the time)
If your car is emitting gasses (say exhaust or coolant steam) from under the hood, you have a problem and you should probably have that looked at. A maintained car does not do this which is why I'm not concerned with doing this.
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SeaSkyShore5 years ago
My husband and I are on our way to seattle from north idaho soon. This will be perfect for a nice mid trip dinner. I can't wait to try it. Perhaps some baked chicken with corn and some apple pie for dessert....
Well, hello from Idaho! :D
paverphalange3 months ago

Thats interesting


amazedgreen4 months ago

Its cooler :)

fastbobble4 months ago

Its fabulous

clearedeager4 months ago

Thats impressive

airbugger5 months ago


harechubby5 months ago


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calmlunch6 months ago


calmlunch6 months ago


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cheshirecorn6 months ago

Its remarkable :)


spongeraffle6 months ago


spongeraffle6 months ago


johnsm7 months ago

wow,,,this is cool, i'll try it tomorrow,,,[url=]Karen Millen ireland[/url]

clickyummy7 months ago


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gazumpglue8 months ago

Mi interessa, ma sei sicuro che sia totalmente sicurezza a cucinare così e poi mangiare il cibo?

digdug1810 months ago
This is nothing new. If you do research the topic, going back to the time when cars were first invented this has been done. In the 1930's you could buy a device that would attach directly to the exhaust manifold of the car so that you could cook your foods, then detach with a handle, and eat your then cooked and prepared foods.
steve787610 months ago
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fenuz1 year ago
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fenuz1 year ago
Mi interessa, ma sei sicuro che sia totalmente sicurezza a cucinare così e poi mangiare il cibo?
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abeen1 year ago
Great Idea | Toko Bunga
fenuz1 year ago
Si può essere di destra. Ricordo di aver sentito o letto "aspirato", come un riferimento a un motore con un carburatore. Non mi ricordo dove e quando l'ho sentito usato in questo modo, anche se. pusat grosir
domtheo1 year ago
it's awesome, great works for your menu food :9

Rumah Dijual
angela1881 year ago
Nice article & great idea sharing our peoples cooking with in car......
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GabbieZee1 year ago
This is awesome! My husband and I take looong road trips all the time and this would save us money on food if we "cook" ourselves. Thanks!
Fend19522 years ago
I'm interested, but are you sure it's totally safety to cook like that and then eat the food?
jvell2 years ago
Haha, this is nice for kidsparties! I know a website called (a dutch one) where they're trying to gather some funny and original ideas for kidsparties. This is AWESOME! :-) :-)
ngebala2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
Back in the 70's this was discussed in Mother Earth News. I took fried eggplant parm and made sanwiches and put them in the engine compartment, I wrapped them will, but it was skunky. The item MUST be in a meatl sealable container to work well, but it indeed cooked my eggplant parm and melted the cheese and made it very hot, albiet stinky. A cookie tin inside a cookie time would be nice.
trebuchet03 (author)  spark master4 years ago
Stinky? Sounds like an car in need of maintenance ;)
Hi Treb, possibly , but under a car hood there is usually a smell of gasoline and in an older car (70's vintage Valiant) it definitely smelled like gasoline a bit. It transferred to the food. I cook daily on an alcohol stove for fun (eggs), so I understand wanting to do this, I mearly want to share with those that will try it that they need to seal their tasties in a reasonable vapor proof , heat conductive package. you can have cool water (some have claimed cold, i never tried this) you take a water jug wrapped in towels soak the towels and tie to fron grill (you might want a resevoir under it somehow ) then drive, after an hour of driving you get cool water (evaporation of water cools the water), if you have a foor rack it is even better, do it on the roof. Therre are versions of this concept here on instructables using flour pots and sand with water. sparky
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