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yodel2 years ago
Hi there!
I just read your Hydroponics - at Home and for Beginners and thinking to make my own (even though I'm still confuse here and there lol)
but it sure helps a lot, thanks very much!
hrodriguez73 years ago
this is a stupid question
it doesn't iook like your a pro member,
but how did you make s many instructables!?!?!
I'm new to the website, but I can't seem to find were to make a new instructable.
could you tell me what to do?
never mind!
I just relized you click on "SUBMIT''
CrayfishYAY4 years ago
Right now I'm 13. But I want to be a mechanical engineer when I grow up.
trebuchet03 (author)  CrayfishYAY4 years ago
 You totally should!

But, you don't have to "grow up" :p I'm doing my best not to (I'm in my mid twenties)
Now I want to be an agricultural engineer. I also have good news. I GOT ACCEPTED TO JCIB!!!! :D I'm also going to take the Shades Valley Pre-Engineering Academy! I went to their open house & it is right up my alley! I'm gonna take German as my foreign language.
Same here! & now I'm 14. (I'm talking about growing up).

I went to Career Cruising & the #1 choice on the likes & skill was Agricultural Engineer. #2 was Mechanical Engineer Tech. YAY MECHANICS! :D & I'm thinking about going to JCIB (Jefferson County International Baccalaureate) next year. I make As & Bs, even though my mom said I'm not dedicated enough to last in there & pass it.
xACIDITYx6 years ago
Your Avatar... Is it taken at the MYTHBUSTERS HQ? I think I notice the clean floor and the scaffolding-like structures from that show.
trebuchet03 (author)  xACIDITYx6 years ago
No, not at Mythbuster's HQ :p That was taken inside a Lockheed Martin building in Orlando. Those shelves/racks are fairly common industrial modular type units... They're basically incomplete box steel beams that assemble press fit style - K'nex for adults :) My father has them in his shop (same color and everything), and it too has a nice clean (well, somewhat clean) and smooth concrete floor :p No, I haven't met the mythbusters guys... Yes, I'd be interested in meeting them, having lunch or whatever :)
To me, it looks like a common (but very clean) shoe.
maryjolene5 years ago
what kind of fruit and plant attracts butterflies and catterpillars and what soil would make that plant grow and how much sunlight or how much water does the plant need?anyways nice instructables it did help
Butterfly bush plants like full sun and a well-drained soil. Buddleia davidii is relatively drought-tolerant.
Thanks for your support! :)
Great Instructables! I plan on becoming a mechanical engineer aswell. I was wondering what school you got your degree in. Im from the suncoast area just fyi.
starwing1236 years ago
Wow, you have a lot of instructables.