Introduction: LED Calculator Mod

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This mod will show you how to put LEDs in your calculator.

Step 1: Get What You Need

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You need-
One calculator, small wires. 2 LEDs,screw driver, tape

Step 2: Unscrew

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Unscrew the back of the calculator make sure no buttons fall out.

Step 3: Take It Off

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Take the styrofoam off the back of the screen.

Step 4: Cut a Hole in the Top

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Cut a hole in the top so the wires can go through.

Step 5: Get the Leds

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I put 2 blue LEDs in parallel

Step 6: Tape Them

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Tape the LEDs to both sides of the screen.

Step 7: Direct the Wires

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Direct the wires with through the hole we made earlier.

Step 8: Screw It

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Screw the Calculator Back together.

Step 9: Twist a Battery Pack

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Twist a battery packs 2 wires onto the wires of the LEDs. U can make a battery pack in my Annoying 9volt battery prank project.

Step 10: Tape the Battery Pack On

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Tape the battery pack to the back of the calculator.

Step 11: Put It On

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When it is connected with a 9 volt battery the screen will glow blue. We are not using the batteries inside the calculator because they are not powerful enough.


seamster (author)2016-01-29

Perfect for late night calculations! :)

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