Coolant Pipe Helping Hands





Introduction: Coolant Pipe Helping Hands

I wanted some helping hands that we're more flexible and had more than two grips. Helping hands are really handy for soldering and gripping small things. I saw some others but thought I could design my own and I wanted to get into Fusion 360 and thought this would a good project to start with.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Coolant Pipes (1/4" BSP thread):

Crocodile Clips:

Mini Clamp:

Instead of buying the mini clamp you could also print this G-Clamp and it fits nicely:

Step 2: Print Out My Part Designed in Fusion 360

The STL for my part is available from thingiverse here:

I've designed this to be able to be printed with any layer height and without the need for supports. Its should just work (TM).

Step 3: ​Screw in the 3 Coolant Pipes

Don't forget to remove the nozzles to make room for the clips.

Step 4: Insert Crocodile Clips Into Coolant Pipes.

If you bought the exact crocodile clips as mentioned in step 1 they should fit perfectly into the coolant pipes. Otherwise you might need to wrap the ends or drill them out so they fit. In my case they fit snug but you may need like to use some hot glue.

Step 5: Use Clamp to Attach to Your Table

Both the wilko and printable G-Clamp fit perfectly and secure the helping hands to the table.


  • Very nice and simple...-grasnall

    grasnall made it!


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Very very cool! Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

Really great idea - thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comment. Not exactly an original idea but I hadn't seen this done in such a mobile / compact way.

Awesome. I made helping hands with aluminium C sections but this is much easier and better. All the best for the contest!

Nice! Thanks! I needed an excuse to have a play with Fusion 360 and this was a perfect little project.

That's a neat design :) It looks like it works pretty well.

Thanks! I use mine all the time and even had made some for hackerspace friends who wanted some too.

This must be American.l never saw. Pipe like this ever and l spent 3 hours in huge DIY centres here in Spain!

As far as I can tell these coolant pipe's always use the same thread (1/4" PT / 12.5(ish)mm) and can therefore can be ordered from Aliexpress (or elesewhere) if Amazon is a problem: