I'm just gonna start by saying this is my third try at making this stupid mask and that there's gonna be a lot of this is what I did, but you should do this instead in this tutorial. The mask ended up costing around forty dollars to make most of the money going towards the Gesso and the Polymer clay which could both probably be substituted with cheaper materials if needed.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you'll need:

Hot glue gun and hot glue (alot), Scissors, Ruler, Gesso, Paint (black, red, white), Paintbrush Craft foam, Black fabric of your choice (Vinyl Pleather is used in this tutorial), Polymer clay, Two to Three zippers, Sew in snaps, Thread, Sewing machine, and plenty of refs.

Can i make it with an old tshirt?
<p>I am a bit confused on the neck part. I am currently making the mask for a cosplay, but am confused how to put the neck, the chin, and the face together</p>
Thanks. Will definitely try it.
<p>what is the fabric used thanks</p>
<p>plzzz make it video </p>
The only part i'm confused on is where i should cut the seam lines on the tape mask
<p>That's awesome but I need some help for smth u used plz reply</p>
<p>I'll definitely be attempting this! I think it will be a fun experience, especially with the teeth, they're textured and not sewn onto the material like as sold online. :0</p>
<p>awesome work thanks for the write up!</p>

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