My daughter's toddler bed (converted crib) is located bewteen our bed, and a large window. So I wanted to come up with something that would keep her protected from any draft from the window, and also serve as something that was fun and interesting to her to keep her out of our bed and in her own. Traditionally one of the reason canopies were added to beds was to keep the heat in and the cold out, so I decided to go about making my own. And here it is, a Cozy Cottage Crib Canopy!

Note: this is not a suitable project for small babies/infants.

Step 1: Materials

- 2 old double bed size sheets (repurposing is great, you can find sheets for a few dollars at second hand stores)

- sewing machine

- pins

- thread

- iron

- scissors

- piece of paper (to make scalloped edge pattern piece)

- erasable marker OR dressmaker's chalk/pencil

- measuring tape

- a ruler and pencil

- ribbon OR double fold bias tape

<p>When my daughter is old enough I will have to do this for her, it is adorable.</p>
Awesome, I shall have to try this for my little one.<br />
Cute!<br />
Awwwww!&nbsp; This is a really great project, and beautifully written up as well.&nbsp; I'm only sorry someone else beat me to the feature!<br />
Thanks so much !&nbsp;:)<br />

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