I was closing part of a room in my house for use as a workshop and had to add some doors.  The two ways in were both about 47" wide so I couldn't use a 48" door and I didn't want to use a smaller door.  I built two doorways- one a 48-inch slider and one with two 24-inch doors.  The doors themselves are plain hollow-core doors with craftsman-style trim added.  The hardware is actually pocket door hardware, installed on the outside. 

Step 1: Door 1- Big Panel

This is the 48-inch door.  It's two 24-inch doors stuck together.  My plan was to stain it, but it was cold and rainy here for a few months, and now the pollen count is in the thousands (and I didn't want it to be yellow).  I kinda like it the way it is, and might leave it this way. 
<p>Well Done !!!</p>
<p>Love them!</p>
<p>Nice job! Thanks for the Instructable - I need to make a door for my studio and this will work far better in the narrow hallway.</p>
I am excited to know you can use a pocket door kit to make sliding doors. Thank you! <br>
Very nice, very economical, great details. Thanks for posting!
Really nice looking!
LOVE it been looking for an idea like this for a while! TY
These look really nice. I might have to do this in place of the bifold doors in my laundry closet.

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