Picture of Craftsman Style Sliding Doors
2013-03-22 door 009.JPG
I was closing part of a room in my house for use as a workshop and had to add some doors.  The two ways in were both about 47" wide so I couldn't use a 48" door and I didn't want to use a smaller door.  I built two doorways- one a 48-inch slider and one with two 24-inch doors.  The doors themselves are plain hollow-core doors with craftsman-style trim added.  The hardware is actually pocket door hardware, installed on the outside. 

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Step 1: Door 1- big panel

Picture of Door 1- big panel
2013-03-22 door 005.JPG
This is the 48-inch door.  It's two 24-inch doors stuck together.  My plan was to stain it, but it was cold and rainy here for a few months, and now the pollen count is in the thousands (and I didn't want it to be yellow).  I kinda like it the way it is, and might leave it this way. 

Step 2: Starting door construction

Picture of Starting door construction
For the 48-inch door, I started with two 24-inch hollow core doors, and screwed a piece of trim to the top and bottom.  I used a table saw to rip a1x4 to the width of the doors (1-5/16 inches).  This also gives the sliding door hardware a stronger attachment point on the top of the door.

Step 3: Adding Trim

Picture of Adding Trim
For the trim, I set my table saw to the width of a 1x4 (3.5 inches) and ran a sheet of 3/16" plywood through it.  Each set of doors used one 4x8 sheet of plywood and roughly two tubes of Liquid Nails.  I used a nail gun to staple down the edges of the trim, and filled in above the staples with spackle. 
Sequimania1 year ago

Nice job! Thanks for the Instructable - I need to make a door for my studio and this will work far better in the narrow hallway.

katerlyn1 year ago
I am excited to know you can use a pocket door kit to make sliding doors. Thank you!
joelhunn1 year ago
Very nice, very economical, great details. Thanks for posting!
Really nice looking!
tcottone1 year ago
LOVE it been looking for an idea like this for a while! TY
These look really nice. I might have to do this in place of the bifold doors in my laundry closet.
billbillt1 year ago